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Girlfriend's opinion on Thundersplace


It’s odd, but lately about half of all threads last about 5-6 posts on topic then veer into oblivion on another subject. It’s funny, but I guess that shows what a conversational forum this is and how free people feel to speak and share things here. Probably a good thing.


Re: Girlfriend's opinion on Thundersplace

Originally posted by secjay
DLD, what happened to your pics? Some of them are inaccessable with a 404 error! I wanted her to see some before/after pics as she is still somewhat skeptical about this whole PE shindig..

I will load them the right way this time so they stay up. I will also be posting some new joints soon.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Gto hear DLD!

I’ll make sure she sees your before/after so that she will become a believer hehehe

That, or completely petrified and demand that you never come here again.

The price of an 11-inch weenie.


I appreciate all the input…
She was surprised when she saw all the responses LoL

She wants me to clarify that I misquoted her. She says that you guys here aren’t sad sad in general, but that she thinks some of the people here are sad of their own free will… (I think she is simply not referencing being here on thunders as being a prerequisite to being sad, but that there happen to be some sad people here, if that makes sense, LOL! :D )

Don’t ask me which members she was referencing specifically! LOL!! :D

But DLD’s pics are still not up, so I couldn’t show her the before/after, although I did show her lil12big1’s original progress pic. She was convinced that PE works, but she said she still has her original doubts as to whether it is damaging… She thinks it is damaging in the long run even with all the supportive evidence to say that it doesn’t. She is a medical type student and thinks that all we are doing is creating ‘callous-like’ tissue.

I told her that the mechanisms are not known exactly, but that there is no whacko negative effects like that… It might take years to convince her it’s not going to make my weiner fall off!

BTW DLD, Don’t want to give you a panic attack or anything but she said that “it doesn’t look that big” hehehe theres a differing opinion for ya! :)

Maybe if you upload a more recent one ;)


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