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Thanks Thunder I’ll give it a shot.

My Account —> Profile —> Add or Edit Email

Then use the Remove and Add buttons to do just that.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Thunder, I have just made My donation. Never realized that this is My first!

So sorry, I have learned a lot here.

Sorry it wasnt more.

Thank you Thunder, for putting this great collection of wisdom here for all of the pud pullers of the world to learn from!

I can give you … the exchange rate is favorable to the euro ;)

Is there a moral objection if I relayed your request on the french post ?

Please donate to keep Thunder’s running!!

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

Donation +1

Even though I’m on unemployment, I’m in as well. Without this place I’d be an inch shorter. :boogie:

Thanks, Thunder.

I tried to donate on PayPal with an American Express Gift Card… Paypal said something along the lines of “this card is not approved at this time” but then when I went to check the balance of the card on the American Express website it showed me having made two $1.00 payments to paypal…. I had clicked the review and continue button twice at the bottom of the fill out sheet not realizing at the top it said I had failed in my donation attempt ( which I am assuming being a non member of paypal it charges me the $1.00 for using their system, and clicking it twice gave me a double charge doh! ) … So I have some money left on the card that I am trying to donate but apparently I am too inept ( once again in my life lol ) at doing the most basic of human functions. If anyone knows how I can resolve this issue and earn my Forum Donator legend that would be cool. Apologies for being a young dumbass running around with my head barely on my shoulders :D

Can PM or message me back in this thread, going to sit here for awhile til help arrives… I hope

PG, those chrages might have codes in them that you have to use on Paypal to get the card accepted. Usually when you open a Paypal account they make two small donations to your bank account, you tell them what amount the donations were and then they approve your account. If that doesn’t help maybe try an email to Paypal?

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