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Gains with the PJ device

Gains with the PJ device

It seems my gains may not be coming as fast as I would like. I am thinking of adding the PJ device to my workout. What kind of gains has everyone experienced with this thing. I am also thinking of extending the time that I jelq. I have been doing no more then 10 min jelq sessions. Do you guys think I should do more?

*I* think the PJ is a good device - I do NOT think it is worthwhile used PURELY on its own, and I’m pretty sure MOST guys mix PJ use with other manipulation - so pretty hard to determine any gains with the PJ alone…


The jelq is pretty much the meat of my workout, I do a few sqeezes on the side, but they are not nearly as important.

I’ve just received my PJ device and used it for the first time 10 minutes ago. Obviously I cant claim any gains besides short-term. This thing works pretty damn good.. My dick is nice and fat and feels worked. I would compare it to 20 minutes in the pump or squeezes with cockring + 20 minutes of manual Jelq. I received the device quickly too. I wasnt expecting it to be delivered so fast.

I’ll keep you updated.

Descrete mailing

I guess I will be ordering one myself. I am a little worried about how it will look coming in the mail. Is it descrete or does it have anything to do with sex or jelqing written on the outside of the box?


I used to have this cartoon of a delivery truck with a big giant dildo on the top and a big sign on the side Mega Dildo it was pulling up to a house with all the neighbors watching and the women who was getting it was looking scared shitless. Well I dont think it’s like that alot of guys on the board have bought them and haven’t hurt anything bad about how he packs them up


It comes in a plain, white,large envelope. Even if someone were to open it, they would not know what the hell it was for. It doesnt come with instructions or anything either. Looks like a kitchen utensil. I only knew the proper way to use it from this board and the PJ site. In essence, dont let the rollers roll. If they do, this means you arent putting enough pressure into it. I’m sure there would be some benefit , but this would be extremely light jelquing.


the return address only said “PJ” , followed by the address.

Thanks for the info, I will order one tomorrow. Credit card should be ok, they are a honorable company right.

Yes larry they are a decent company you will have no problems using your Credit Card

I'm just curious

Maybe I’m missing something here, but one of the above posts said not to let the rollers roll (I agree).

If you’re not going to let the rollers roll, why do you need rollers?

And, for that matter, why do you need something that looks like a kitchen utensil and forces you to hold your hands and arms in an awkward position?

Has anybody tried just using two pieces of plastic pipe?

if the rollers were to roll then you wouldnt get the pulling action that the PJ gives you , will i am sure the two plastic rollers would do the job ok the pj is great to use ,once you get the hang of it and the foam covered rollers make it soft to use.Just my opinion Tom btw great site you have

do you still use a vit-e enhanced oil with it?

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