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gains, motivation, starting size?

gains, motivation, starting size?

I have a theory (hehe yeah I know, here it comes)
I was thinking, it seems that those guys who start off smaller end up gaining more. Could this be that possibly they have more ‘hidden internal dick’ to begin with? eg those who are smaller externally just dont have the same percentage of the total penis on the external side?

this might not apply in girth at all……

also, maybe those who start smaller have more motivation to put in the work?

Just trying to account for the differences… because I can’t think of any logical reason why less tissue mass should exerpeince more growth than a larger mass…. maybe its easier to stimulate a smaller mass eg same force on smaller area = more force per area?

I dont know….. anyone else got any ideas? just interested :D

In my case I think motivation has a lot to do with it but there’s also the concept that thinner things are easier to stretch than thicker ones as Bib has elaborated on in other threads. I’m not so sure on the hidden penis theory - why should that be limited only to guys with shorter penises? Age could also be another contributing factor.


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I came starting out to PE with a decent sized penis, however the frustrating part was a 7.5 inch length with only 5.5 girth at best so it looked above average in length but a little on the thin side especially towards the bottom and when flaccid. After 4 months of exercises and stretching, I’m now up to at least 8” erect length. I wouldn’t want to focus my gains on just girth starting out, so I’m using girth and length training. As I get bigger I’ll concentrate more on girth, and hope that my own inner body cycle is continuing my thickness gains as I go form young adulthood to man hood (I turned 18 a month ago). So with continuous increasingly intense PE, so I’ll be huge during my peak years( early to late 20s). I wanna have a full looking package when soft, which I don’t have now because of my excess length and no added girth) also through underwear and visibly as well as ultimately hugely endowed when erect in length and girth.

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