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Gain quest(ion)

Gain quest(ion)

When I started to jelq I was about 6.3-6.4” EL, and during my jelqsessions I got much bigger than my maximum length at an erect level of 60% while jelquing. Nowadays when I´m 6.9-7.0” EL. I never get the dick bigger than 6.5 when jelquing at 60-70% erect level….

Is that because I can’t adapt my penis any longer, to gain more? I know my length gain wasn’t only from jelquing but ligstretching too… My girth is never bigger than 4.4” except when I do Hoarses, then it expands to 4.5”…..

Gaining length, girth or both doesn’t come to every one… I just wonder whether my gains will be very limited, or maybe I the problem is that I do press too little blood up-wards? :) The question feels somewhat newbie :D

Restarting everything.

I think over time and increased intensity you will continue to grow. I think stagnation happens when the penis becomes very used to the routine. At this point I think either one of two things needs to happen:

1.) Increase the intensity of the existing routine
2.) Change the routine to something more aggressive

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