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foreskin and PE

foreskin and PE

Dont know if this is the right place for this,but I am uncutt and have extra foreskin. If I gain in lenght,will some foreskin dissapear?

Not necessarily. It depends on the way you stretch/gain your length. If you do stretches you will also stretch the foreskin a tad (usually). But chances are (if you keep up with PE) that you’ll grow into the stretched foreskin. My foreskin (im uncut too) hasnt grown at all, but stayed the same with my gains. I do bundle stretches and blasters and i seem to be ok. But any exercise that puts stress on the skin of the penis (not the ligs or tunica) will stretch your foreskin.

kapeesh? any more q’s just ask.

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

I am uncut, and I have MORE foreskin since starting PE. Some cut guys report re-growth too.


Mine’s about the same as it was 3 years ago. Well it fits the same anyways, so my foreskin grew/was stretched through PE.

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Foreskin increase

I have been increasing cock size but also doing foreskin stretching exercises. Having a longer and wider foreskin helps me grow naturally. I’ve worked on my foreskin for a few years now and the results are great. When soft my foreskin hangs off my cock head by 1 inch and when full hard my foreskin covers the tip and makes a 1/4 inch “nipple” of overhang. This allows me greater variations for masturbate (inside mt foreskin and out) and helps my overall size grow into my extra foreskin instead of being restricted by the hugging of the foreskin. Fingers and vibrators inside the foreskin heps stretch it. Having more foreskin is not every uncircumcised guys hope. My cut friends don’t get it but uncut guys will. It may look different now, but I am much larger and more sensitive.

I have noticed I am gaining extra foreskin from jelqing and I am not happy. I am uncut and so the extra skin is on occasion unsightly.
I’m in need of a remedy before it gets out of hand. I will be adjusting my jelq technique and also the stretches. I realize that I may grow in to my extra skin but the ratio of growth is to far apart and may inevitably stay that way.

Here is an idea I have proposed to myself since I don’t want to face the chop. I would like input on this idea or even other ideas on how to decrease foreskin.
Basically when watching medical sexual health programs I have seen advice on penile hygiene. In short, after cleaning the glans it is said to roll the foreskin back over right away, apparently if left pulled back it Will tighten. That is my idea, roll it back for x hours when not PE’ing, shrink it back down and ensure not to let it shrink to tight. Like I said, I don’t want to be cut!

Any advice/ideas welcome. Thanks Thunderers

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You can (and should) retract the foreskin when you perform your stretches (grip right behind the glans), some hold the shaft skin backwards with their free hand before each jelq, dry jelqing could be an option too if you retract the skin enough to avoid pulling it at the end of the stroke or if you don’t jelq up until the rim of the glans.

I don’t really know how scrotum stretchers fit in all this mess, guys have successfully fixed their turkey neck with them, so perhaps there is a way to move part of the shaft skin over the testicles?

I dry jelq and stretch to your recommendations. I don’t want to change my technique to much because I believe I’m on a roll, but yeah like I say I’m already working the right way about it but I feel that the skin stretch (mostly coming from the shaft I believe) is inevitable.
Is there any feedback for my idea of “shrinking”.
Any thoughts welcome.

I have read up on turkeyneck shrinking. I was left confused, my brain amush with clucking cocks. I shall revisit the thread, maybe there is an adaptable technique like you say.

NEW MEMBER PE since 3/3/16

Please correct me on any PE issue and don't take my word for gospel. I post for consideration - xtra

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