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for those who smoke..

for those who smoke..

interesting stuff… LINK IS DEAD

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This may or may not be true. Or may be true for some and not for others. I was a smoker prior to PE (never lost a millimeter) and during most of the time I’ve been doing PE but I gained faster and more than most during that PE time period. Now, not smoking, gains have been less. That’s not to say I should start smoking again, of course, only to suggest that the premise (cock size decreases) is probably invalid.

There are a lot of good reasons not to smoke but I don’t believe size loss is one of them.




Doe’s smoking affect your penis?

Well, folks I have been smoking since the age of twelve, I am now seventy one and still smoking.

I can honestly say that smoking has never had any detrimental effects on my health (that I know of), obviously some damage must and has been done to my heart and lungs, if we are to believe all the hype we are told.

I have had (at times) a smokers cough & a sore throat, thats all. To the best of my knowledge I have never had a day sick which could have been attributed to smoking.

As for affecting the penis, I think it is all bull shit. I had a perfectly normal average size penis until I started PE.

Although I havent gained a lot in the three months of doing PE, I have had small gains in length and very minor gain in girth.

I never allow myself to smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, my usual is 12/15 a day. Now I find it is more cost effective to roll my own cigarettes and a 50 gram packet of tobacco lasts me four days. (approximately 60/70 cigarettes). Less chemicals in the roll your own baccy!

If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, give it up if you can, it’s a filthy habit anyway.

Oh, and by the way I had a busted lung in the 60’s, not attributed to smoking. Took eighteen months to repair itself and when healed I joined the Military and was found A1.

Believe what you will - smoking is dangerouse to your health but in moderation, I personally believe little harm is done in the short term. I guess much depends on lifestyle and your metabalism as to how things affect you.

Thats my 2cents worth on this topic.

Health is Wealth

Hell Droopy, you must have the constitution of a horse, lol. Everyone is different, but ask most urologists what the leading cause of male sexual disfunction is & they will tell you smoking. Don’t know anything about it making your dink shrink.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Well, I don’t know about having a constituion like a horse or whatever. I’m only a skinny guy weighing only 140lb +/- a pound or two.

I have kept fit all my life - had to, I was a serviceman Army/Airforce, Have travelled all over South East Asia and Pacific islands.

Always taken care what I eat, no junk food except on rare occasions.
Eat mainly any fresh food in whatever country I’m in, whatever the natives eat I eat. Still eat a lot of island style foodstuffs.

Never drink the water on first arrival at a foreign country, have to get acclimatized first.

Don’t put any form of drugs into my body unless essential on a doctors advise.

Drink alcohol in moderation.

Try to exercise regularly but I’m getting slack in my old age!:D

Thats about all I can say as far as my life style goes, not a great deal of sex either more’s the pity :boogie:

Oh yeh, My pecker has always been in good nik, but did start to shrivel up a bit when I reached seventy thats another reason I started PE - It’s made a big difference. :bigwink:

Health is Wealth


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