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For those who have gained length(substantial or not) through jelqing


Originally Posted by illpo
AB, wasn’t trying to be non helpful or a jackass. It’s just the truth, I attribute my length gains to stretching. This is because the only length gains I made was when I was away at school and the only exercises I could do was girth exercises and stretches. There was no wet jelq or length orientated jelq/exercise done in my routine. Just good stretching(correct). Earlier, I had stretched completely wrong. See I am uncircumcised and was just basically stretching my skin and not the actual penis muscles itself. Too target that, I gripped right below the head and would squat and stretch downward. I would feel a good pressure. I would do these, coupled with A and V stretches.

Hope that is better!

How long would you stretch for, and for how many seconds would you hold each stretch? Thanks. I am a bit upset because I remeasured yesterday, and realized that some of my perceived gains in length may actually have been due to the mismeasurement, and the angle at which I was viewing the ruler. I don’t know why I haven’t made more length gains since I began in mid-November. I began at 5 1/2 inches and am now at most 1/8 of an inch longer than that. I do only low-erection jelqs (10 minutes per day) and stretches (10 minutes per day), with a warmup before each exercise. My flaccid hang is a lot better. In fact, my flaccid size isn’t that much less than my erect size, so I’ve become a “shower.” However, it’s my erect length I care about.

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Alrdybig, through only jelqing, I gained about 1 inch in length wet jelqing @ 80% for 30 minutes 5x a week.
My grip is pretty tight when I jelq so my forearms get very tired. I have to switch hands after about 50 or
so strokes. I jelq like ebon00, one hand holding nuts back and pressing into the fat pad, stroking with the
other hand.

I don’t believe the “ballooning” during the jelq stroke contributes much to girth. Consider:
Why do you gain girth at the base where you first grab? There is no pressure inside the tunica at this point
of the stroke. Why doesn’t jelqing always give a HUGE “baseball bat” effect? The pressure gets greater
inside the tunica as you stroke toward the end, so the end girth created should be double that of the base.

I call jelqing “hand hanging” because the body doesn’t know if you are pulling your penis with your hand or if
you have a weight attached to it. It is still tension on the Ligs/Tunica in an outward direction. I would
estimate that I use a grip/pull that is equal to at least a 15 pound weight (maybe more, maybe less, hell
just guessing). So why wouldn’t you gain length just jelqing?

Now after considering it that way, it would almost seem that jelqing is mostly a length exercise, but we
see guys who jelq only and get length but little girth, girth but little length, both, or even no results! Why is

I have a little theory I like to call the Gentic Aspect Ratio theory (GAR). (Wadzilla made me
do it! :) ). We know that at maturity, your penis is a certain length and girth due to a genetic “blueprint”
found in your DNA. I believe your body tries to maintain the length/girth aspect ratio of this blueprint
somewhat. I don’t mean its impossible to gain only one or the other, only that your genetics tries to adhere
to the ratios of your “blueprint” by promoting or making it easier to gain in one dimension, when gains are
realized in the other. This might explain why hangers gain girth, and clampers gain length and all the variations
we see. Does that make sense?

Alrdybig, I also feel one 30 minute session is better than four ten minute sessions (40 minutes) spread
throughout the day because I tried it, and received no gains. But heck thats me, your mileage may vary!

I agree that each person is different, and that for some length may come easier while for others girth may come easier.

Though I can’t see that the body somehow knows the dimensions of your penis and tries to maintain those.
I would say where genetics come in is that your length or girth tissues are either close to their full extended potential or not,
if they are it will be tougher to gain in that dimension. They may also have some unused slack that you can extend and then train your penis to keep that deformation.(this would be shown by temporary post session gains.)Otherwise we need to push these tissues past their maximum to allow for greater size, and then once again train those tissues into staying that way.

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Great to hear from you Redwood!

I agree the body doesn’t know exact lengths as such, and I do believe it knows the shape (loosely
put “ratio”) of your body parts and has an influence (although perhaps not total) upon them since they
are constantly replaced cell by cell from cradle to grave. Consider the salamander, cut off an arm, and it
grows back. How does it’s body know the dimensions of the missing arm?

Another example; Bodybuilders now realize that they can not “shape a muscle” through doing different
exercises, only enlarge it or shrink it. It’s shape is pre set by genetics (heredity). This is of course, why
all our penises look different from on another, our genetics shape them.

This would explain the results of getting girth when training length or length when training girth exclusively.
It really bothers me that you gain base girth from jelqing and clamping when that part of the penis is
never under expansive pressure, but just the opposite, constricted!

Your explanation sounds plausible also and I mostly agree with it, I am just trying to answer those

Alrdybig, I think Horsehung jelqed for increasingly longer periods over several months and got fantastic
length gains;

Horsehung’s Story and Routine


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