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Foolproof last!

Foolproof last!

Broke the ruler the other day doing a BP measurement (please tell me I’m not the only one), and then I found this post:

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Location: England
Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 11:47 pm Post subject: Foolproof Length Measurement


After a few months of lurking I’ve now joined in, so it about time I added something of use.

After all this time there still seems to be no definitive method of measuring length - rulers or tape, top or side, bone pressed or not, and getting consistency each month. Then’s there those rulers with spurious extra bits before they start.

All you need is a length of cardboard tube which is about an inch longer than you are and will slip over your erect penis. Inside of a toilet roll, kitchen roll or more likely one of those postal tubes that come in 2” or 3” diameters, so nip off down to your local stationers and get one. No need to be shy, the girl behind the counter won’t know you’re going to stick your dick down it!

So armed with your tube, cut it down to about 1” longer than your erect penis. Next from one end, cut a slot along the length, about finger width for maybe 3”. Bit like so..


Now slip the tube over your erect penis and you should see the head of your penis down through the slot. Press the tube down, like doing a usual bone pressed measurement and find the optimum angle where the end of the tube sits squarely on your pubic bone. So now simply mark the edge of the slot where your penis ends with a pen. Write the date next to the mark. At your leisure measure from the end of the tube to the mark.

Next month do the exactly the same - hopefully the mark as moved along the tube a bit more. A nice row of pen marks will appear like on a ruler - your monthly progress!!

Sooner or later your cock will come out the end (why I suggest making it only an inch longer) - so make another one. Or your girth will have increased, again make a new one in a larger size.

Over the months you will have a nice collection of tubes, you have something physical to judge your progress, not just written down on paper. In 6 months or a year the first tube will be laughably small, you’ll wonder how the hell you got your cock in it.

Same as if you lose weight, or start bodybuilding, your old clothes are a reminder of what was. Lose 2” of your waist - doesn’t look much on paper, but your pants will fall down. Or bodybuilding, jackets and shirts get a bit tight.

Using this method it’s pretty difficult to get wrong, or cheat slightly by tugging, no hands touching your cock. Should work for most curving penises too. Above all it’s consistent - try it and see, everyone’s still trying to gain.

And for those lurkers, especially newbies who have never done a single PE exercise, do this NOW to get your first measurement. Once you do a single jelq your penis is changed forever, you can never go back to being small.


I found it at cheekycherry, which I think we can all agree is a…forum. Nonetheless, a few gems can be found from time to time.


Seems good to me :)

I’ll probably forget the toilet roll and just go for a paper towel roll or a cling wrap roll. (or alfoil roll — it doesn’t really matter :) )

Can’t really be stuffed going to the post office to get a postal roll.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

great idea. Bib will need a piece of 4” PVC drain pipe

be back soon

Now that a good ideal>

Hey northstar,

Nice first post.

I’m gonna try that. Right now.

Neat idea, I especially like the thought of having a collection of outgrown tubes… ;-)

When it comes to consistency in measurments though, I swear by measuring bone pressed on the side of your penis, like the instructions in Sizemeister´s database. I actually find it a bit surprising that this method has not been pronounced as “official”, used by doctors and researchers.

The reason why I think this method gives the best consistency is that you press the ruler (or whatever object you measure with) against actual bone. On the top side of the root there is way too much soft/semi soft tissues. Ligs, fat, muscles etc are covering the actual bone (at least that´s the way I´m built), making it VERY hard too decide how hard is hard enough when it comes to pressing the ruler to your body. For me, hard enough was when it hurt, even if I could clearly feel that I could press the ruler harder. Not very good for a consistent measument in other words.

On the side of the penis there is nothing but skin and bone; get an erection and palpate the area around the root and you will most likely feel the difference very easily. On the sides it feels pretty much like the outside of your wrists; just a slight layer of skin over the actual bone. On the top it feels a lot more spongy, elastic and not very “bone-ish”.

Some might think the side measurment is cheating because it usually gives you a slightly bigger measurment than measuring from the top. I don´t think so. First of all; PE - and science - is not a game, therefore there are no such things as cheats. Secondly, side measurment and top measurment will usually be the same if you press the ruler hard enough on the top, at least that´s my experience. If I press the ruler beyond my pain limit, I get almost the same number as when measuring from the side. Third: Consistency and accuracy rules - unquestioned tradition don´t.

Well, that was my two cents on the measuring matters.

Have a good one,


sounds good to me but a cloth tape measure is the best way for mee I have a girth o six inches and I can’t even get the head in to a roll. so I think teh cloth tape measure is teh best way that is my two cents


They make cardboard tubes larger in diameter ya know.

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