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Fooled by perspective of view


Looking downwards, my penis looks smaller than it really is. But a few times I have sat infront of the bathroom mirror and gotten hard to see what my penis looks like from the front. When I see it from the frontwards perspective, I’m like, “Wow, I didn’t know my penis was really this long.”

Originally Posted by xtremegamer
Doing this when I hit my goal

I’ll do it too. And I’m gonna paint it silver color and put it as a statue in my living room.

Present: 8.75" BPEL, 9.25" BPSFL, 5.3" EG

Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG

Originally Posted by Monty530
I think this is a problem for many including myself. I still look and say that I wish I was bigger and deign that I have gained anything.

The only thing that makes me see reality is my rings keep getting tighter and tighter. I know my girth has increased for two reasons, the one I just mentioned and my wife’s complaints about being too big. Frankly I still deign the increase. I do think perspective is the main issue here. Perhaps we need to take pictures from the side. Perhaps we should do an outline of a silhouette. You know hold a card board behind out dicks and shine a light so we get a distinctive shadow and then trace the outline.
Would be easier is we had someone else do the tracing. Might be fun though.

Man it’s the same thing with me, I only know my girth has increased because of my GF and things that get tighter and tighter, today If I jelq to much my fingers get a little hurted, because of my girth and all that thing.

Perspective of view is a SOB. I’m 6’2” with large thighs, so of course it looks smaller than it would on a 5’9” 150LB guy!

Anyhow, wife was cooking polish sausages. Them things looked long.

With her watching, I took one and guaged it up to the ruler. Was right at 7” with the curve. “Let me straighten it out”, was 8” with the curve straightened - right around where I’m at BPEL.

Definately looked long..

Banana’s look long too, but they are about the same size, one of the longer banana’s I measured are just over 8” and if you straighten out would be around 9.5”. Shorter banana’s are around 6” and straightened out just over 7”..

Cucumbers are usually under 10” long, and what - under 7” girth.

But didn’t most “cheating moms” use cucumbers to simulate a “big one”?

So if you are as big or bigger than a banana, somewhere around a cucumber, and longer than a polish sausage - you have a good size.


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