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Finally comfort with the Penimaster

Finally comfort with the Penimaster

Finally after months of on and off experimentation I have discovered how to use the Penimaster “properly” without any discomfort.
I know all lot of you are most likely thinking “phew what a retard” but I can now wear the Penimaster at my erect size for 8 hours STRAIGHT
And by 8 hours straight I mean without taking it off, and with very little circulation loss if any at all,
If what I’m saying is striking obviously to anybody I apologise however,
I obviously measure my erect length and set up the rods of the Penimaster to the nearest measurement,
I then take a baby wipe or facial wash towel and wrap it around the base of Penimaster where it touches you ball bag and tuck the remainder under for extra padding,
Next with out any of the rubbish silicone stuff they provide you with or any wrapping I put the comfort strap directly behind the head of penis (I am cut so it’s easy to line up)
Then making sure non of the skin gets trapped I tighten the strap a little, the pull all the skin you can back so it is only the head poking through the other side,
Then I flex the muscle a bit to make the head engorge a bit, after a few seconds it sort of for want of a better phrase “mushrooms up so that it’s bigger than the hole of the strap,
Finally I tighten the strap more so that the head sits firmly as it is,
The as always adjust the tension so perhaps there are 3-4 bars showing to add a slight pull, it may feel a little weird to start but once the skins gets used to being pulled it settles down,
I could never wear the Penimaster for more than an hour and a half max before but I sat down to play a video game after doing this and looked at the clock 4 hours later an realised I still had it on,
So I checked it and no numbness, no coldness, no discolouration just an outstretched penis.
I realise the instructions say to remove every hour to allow the circulation to regulate however I can’t see the point if it’s not been affected by the stretching
Although I only started doing this today so have no evidence if it’s any better than removing it every hour, I will report after a few weeks to say how it’s going,
It seems a lot more convenient taking it off every hour used to be my biggest problem with this device.

Thanks for reading

You'll split her in two?........I've seen more Girth on a HB pencil........

Good for you man what are your stats?

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

EL: 6” BPEL: 7”

EG 4.75”-5” (varies)

You'll split her in two?........I've seen more Girth on a HB pencil........

Good job man.

I’ve had the Penismaster for a couple weeks now and I’ve only been able to do 1 to 1 1/2 hour sessions before my head gets too cold or too numb. Is the coldest or numbness something that goes away after your penis get used to using the Penismaster or does it have more to do with the way I’m strapping myself in?

Also, I don’t stretch out to my full erect length. It seems my erect length is longer then my full stretched flaccid length. Maybe it’s because I can’t get the tape measure in fully bone pressed to measure when I have the Penismaster on.

Will not stretching out past my full erect length make using the penismaster pointless?

Someday maybe I’ll figure out how to wear this thing for 8 hours like you have. That would be great.



Coldness and numbness I am convinced are to do with how you are strapping it on, perhaps too tight, as long as your penis isnt slipping out of it it doesnt need to be any tighter,
It doesn’t matter if you stretch out to you full erect length or not I don’t think, as long as there is a stretch which provides room for new cells to grow inside your penis it should be working fine,
As many many people have said on these forums duration of time you wear the device it more key than the pressure of the stretch, but obviously if can combine both then your chances are much greater
Just search for the most comfortable way of wearing it for you then begin going for long sessions,

Good luck

You'll split her in two?........I've seen more Girth on a HB pencil........

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