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Fantastic results

Fantastic results

Hello guys,

As i said in my previous posts i started jeling on the 1st of feb 03. Before i started the exercise i was 6” long and 5” around. After 28 days of jelqing i am just near 6” and half and 5” and half around. There’s new solid red skin being formed around the glan which feels good.

It has started to feel great. It looks much healthier and of course bigger. Sometimes i am finding it hard to jelq as i get really turned on when i look at it. But i think i found a solution, i jelq with the light off;)

This things guys are amazing, they really work. i will jelq for years now as i know that to achieve 8” (my target) or 9” i will have to go for a long time. Come on guys, just look at a woman and say to yourself “i can really nail her” doesn’t it feel great? Or imagine, having had a one-night stand with a woman and suddenly you see her in a pub and she think to herself “there’s the “tiger” the man who really grasped me and gave me inches for hours! The man with the “gangster” cock. And believe me guys, word spreads around.

talk to you l8r guys

All the best


Results come in proportions to enthusiasm applied.

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That kicks ass, I’m so happy for you! I’ve been doing these exercises for 7 months and have only got 1/4 ” of gain in length and nothing permanant for girth yet.. I’m gonn turn the lights OFF for a couple of weeks and see if that does it for me.. You will hit 8” at no time with that kind of speed gaining… Welcome to the board Brother…

thank you Regularwhiteguy

I think everybody can achieve this, given the fact of performing the exercise effectively. First of all tell your self that you can do it. Be proud of what you do. Be determined, and consistent. I don’t get a day off, as i don’t feel like i need one. I just feel good about myself, i don’t smoke and i eat well and plenty.

L8r gus

Results come in proportions to enthusiasm applied.

Well done, SamPEman! If you keep up working hard on your exercises maybe you’ll reach your goal faster than you think.

Re: Fantastic results

Originally posted by samPEman
i am finding it hard to jelq as i get really turned on when i look at it.


Great results…Maybe you could post the routine you are using becuase it is doing great for you…Keep it up

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

My routine

My routine is very simple;

5mins warm up

30 to 40 mins jeqling, i squeeze forward with one hand and just before reaching the glan i let go but after having grasped the shaft with the other hand. I repeat each stroke in 2 to 3 secs. Sometimes (about 8 times a minute), just before releasing the hand near the glan i squeeze forward very hard with all my hand and i feel a really nice forward stretch, and it feels like new tiny rooms are being created (or new wounds opening). At this practise the glan gets really big, the thumb and the finger hold the blood forward and i squeeze hard with the rest of my fingers, so that all of the fingers are involved and don’t get tired.

Then follows

5 mins warm up.

Thats all. I also do some kegels during the day but irregularly (about 100).

Someday soon i promise i am going to post pics and perhaps videos as well.

Keep it up fellas



Results come in proportions to enthusiasm applied.

Break !!

First of all, …are you sloshed???:D ?

Well, I hope you’re having a blast :)

Anyway, at some point you’d need to give your dick a rest, presumably before you run into a plateau.

Just an advice.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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sam, your description of pumping chicks was truly inspirational for us young, single guys. I’m so motivated I’m going to pull him out and have a pe session.

No stretching exercises though?

Hmm…I noticed that he didn’t mention any stretching exercises in his routine.

He got half an inch LENGTH gain from just jelqing?

Damn…wish I could be so lucky…

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