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Extreme Uli's

Extreme Uli's

I am sure that there is a good post on what these are and how to do them, however, I can’t find one. Anyone know of a good post or willing to explain these to me?

Thank you.

Have you tried the search engine?

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I am not trying to be lazy. I have done a search for the term but there does not seem to be a good explanation.


Here you go:

Home made Bib Hangers / Bib’s Uli thing

In the thread, Thunder gives the link for making the Uli thing. Within the thread are the instructions for extreme Ulis. There is more information within the forums on doing them also.



If you only did Uil’s as the only girth exercise would you get the baseball bat affect? or do uils promote allround groth?




Probably the baseball bat affect.


If I carry on I fear I may go that way (baseball bat). What techniques are there other than starting at the top and jelqing backwards essentially?

Edit: If the baseball bat effect is in effect, then would there be more outward pressure on the base, where it is narrower than the rest of the shaft? If the person has a good erection, then surely this would put slight pressure on the base, and it would eventually come close to catching up, if not completely?


>If I carry on I fear I may go that way (baseball bat). What techniques are there other than starting at the top and jelqing backwards essentially?<

I assume that horse squeezes might fit the bill, but I have no experience. I got most of my increase in base girth from hanging. Then, I did the extreme Ulis to even out the shape. You appear to be thinking about the getting upper shaft girth first, then going for base girth.


Ive been doing the Extreem Ulis in addition to a intense combination of Blasters/stretching, Jelqing, Squeezes, Bends, and a little hanging.
Ive had a .25” increase in BASE girth, maybe .125 increase in MIDSHAFT girth, and little or no increase in upper shaft/glans girth. Length increase of maybe .20”.

It seems like all I can gain is BASE girth!?!

Any suggestions to help me move my gains forward to change this CONE?!?

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