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Extending Penis

Extending Penis

Hey all, I just wondered if any of you know about penis extentions, I have a 5.5 EL and 4.5 EG penis and wondered if there was anything you can put on you to make you longer and thicker? Like them cyberskin penis extention things, they work? anything else work? where to get them?

Thanks so much, this would make me happy :)

Hey all, Could some people look at this link of a penis extender and tell me how it works, if its good and some info about it please, I will be VERY grateful. Would it fit me if im 5.5 inch length and 4.5 inch girth? Am I not thick enough? e.t.c. Thank you!


Why don’t you take a little time out of your schedule and find a good routine and stick with it. Your stats are we’re I started a month ago and believe me you will become much longer and thicker over time. Try to get your cock use to a routine before adding extenders to your cock. It’s just nice to build up before adding more than your cock can handle. It’s just an easier way of not causing any injury.

Begining Stats 5/25/04 Fl 3.75", fg=4",bpel=5.5",eg=4.5" 6/25/04 Bpfl=4.64",fg=4.68",bpel=6.04",eg=4.95" 2ND MONTH 7/23/04(going out of town)early measurement BPFL=4.75" FG=4.75" BPEL=6.3" EG=5.3" 3rd Month(WOW is all I can SAY) 5.5" BPFL 5.5" FG 6.63" BPEL 6" EG Goal Fl 6.5" Fg 5.75" Bpel 8.5" Eg 6.5"

I had heard of penis extensions, but this is the first time I’ve seen them. I prefer to get the real extension through PEing. Still, one of those could make for one hell of a sudden surprise for a woman who is use to having sex with the same guy.

Nobody knows anything about them though? that link I give, nobody know how to use it and if it would fit my size? e.t.c. Thanks for the posts so far.


I don’t think they make extensions for big guys right? They make them for guys your size or even smaller. But what’s the point? You won’t feel a damn thing wearing one. Just stick to your pump routine and todays after pump size will turn into tomorrows regular size. Patience dude.

Do it naturally, dude. You’ll get more pleasure for the pump and so will your girl.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I agree, I’m not a fan of the extreme contraptions and don’t plan on using them either. Sure, they work great for some and people gain a great deal by using them (Such as weights, clamping etc)

Right now at this stage in my PE career, I am gaining faster than I ever did and it feels great. PE is a long term process with many ups and downs.

You just have to experiment with different routines and trying out different intensities.

Once you find that perfect routine stick with it and once you start gaining you will feel a whole lot better and your confidence will go through the roof, even with just the slightest of gains.

Hey again people, well, if you remembered…. :P I am wayyyyyy too damaged to PE in the near future thats why I wanted to find out info on that thing on the link. Anyone have info on it?

I will resume PE when im healed, its pretty serious right now, thrombosis in dorsal vein.

What did you do for that to happen? You must have been really going at it!

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