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Every day P.E.

Every day P.E.

Does doing P.E. Every day without rest days affect erection quality and frequency?

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I’ve heard guys say it doesn’t.. but I know my EQ suffers from hanging every day.

It’s called.. viagra!


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I find it doesn’t if I vary my routine. Light some days, hard others, and some days just bathroom break P.E.

Sort of an active recovery.

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I would say it’s dependant on the exercises you do and the intensity.
For example, if I jelq every day at medium intensity I will usually be fine. But if I clamp every day I tend to get fat but stumpy, not fully hard erections.

Hanging doesn’t affect my EQ so much. But every now and then I have a slight decrease in EQ. This is usually just due to my fluctuating libido though.

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Originally Posted by Yoyototo
I find it doesn’t if I vary my routine. Light some days, hard others, and some days just bathroom break P.E.
Sort of an active recovery.

Well put. Right now I’m doing a combined pumping/clamping routine. If I clamp two days in a row it directly affects my EQ. I can pump for four days consecutively without any problems, but if I throw in a pumping set on the fifth day I will have trouble getting it hard.

Jelqing, on the other hand, is “active recovery” for me. So I do 4 sets of pumping on monday and wednesday, 2 sets of clamping + 2 sets of pumping on tuesday and thursday, and friday through sunday I “rest” with 1 set of jelqing every day.

I’ve found that my erection ‘quality’ may reduce but not the ‘frequency’ when I’m hanging a lot every day. It just feels softer and may feel a little sore at times. I’ve had the same feeling after prolonged rough sex. I don’t worry too much about it.

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From my experience, yes. PE everyday hampers erection quality (my BPEL is smaller than usual when it’s tired from PE everyday, plus it adds difficulty in maintaining an erection). Plus it’s possible that it impedes gains, though I’m not certain.

My eq always gets worse while I PE. I have to take at least a 1week break for it to get back to normal.

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