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Erection Bends


Slight or soft & gentle bends in either direction while being fully erect won’t hurt. It will, though, if you go overboard and use excessive force.

Here’s a tip: Lube it up, maintain that erection and do jelq-bends, slow and easy, in each direction. And keep a hand at the base.

Just be patient and most of all…careful!

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Originally Posted by beenthere
Considered very risky. Some serious injuries have occurred from doing erect bends. Not worth it when you can get the results more safely.

Agreed. Why risk rupturing a chamber doing this? The thought of erect bends sends a shiver up my spine. So much other shit can help girth - dry jelqing at 80% +, ulis, pan rolls, “holds,” cable clamps, etc.

I my opinion, EBs are an unnecessary risk.

You guys must do some erect bends well past what you should by saying they are overly dangerous. I mean, for me, if you have seen my pics, its kinda severe, but as long as I am not 100%, my dick can bend into the straightened position with a little resistance. With that being said, when my wife is on top, it forces my penis to “straighten” out while inside her. In a weird way, this is an erect bend, but it never hurts. It just causes me to cum fast.

Ideally, to do an erect bend, once you are 90%, just very slowly straighten it out until there is some resistance coming from the bend. Once you are there, just hold it for 15 seconds. The problem with erect bends are when people are stupid and think they have to do 180 degrees difference then what they were. For me, I rarely send my dick into the upwards curved position. Only if I am like 85% or something will I do that. But if I am in the 90-95% hardness area, I simply straighten it out till I feel the tightness and just hold it.

Honestly, I don’t think that is dangerous. Just don’t kegal or jelq while in that position. I think that you don’t even have to straighten it out. Just start off giving it a little restriction and doing that several times for like 15 seconds. You have to plan on givng yourself plenty of time (months) to see results. Not weeks.

Just be smart thats all. A curve cannot be fixed in a week. It takes patience, dedication, and time. Take your time.

I, personally, don’t have any results as I haven’t done this long enough, but I no when I have done erect bends, I am very very careful and always make sure I have enough stability. That means one hand on the base and damn near my whole free hand on the shaft supporting it as it bends, not just an OK sign with my fingers. The whole dick needs support. For me, since I bend down, I use my left hand to grip the base and make sure its good. Then my free hand goes up underneath my dick and probably holds the last 1/2 of my dick leaving only the middle of the shaft exposed. Then I proceed to slowly bend it upwards until my penis is perpendicular to the floor. I simply hold.

Just be smart and careful, and I think they are fine.

whoops, meant to say parellel to the floor, not perpendicular. my bad


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