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Greetings All,
I’ve been away on business and have not yet had the time to check up on all the posts that I’ve missed. However, I just saw an add on TV last night for a product called enzyte. My question is this; has anyone tried this product and if they had, any results? Personally, I think this will be as effective as those longitude capsules. Any pill that will add inches to your penis will be bigger than Viagra and cost even more. But I guess I could be wrong. Anyone wanting to check out the website, check this link;


save your money, popping Peez or tick-tacs will give the same results.

At least Tic-Tac’s freshen your breath. :)

And I have a really neat bridge to sell you. Leads to Brooklyn.

Do it the old fashioned way. Work for it.



These products have never really been show to work and the claims are dubious at best. I just wanted to call people’s attention to it and keep the awareness at a high level. Suckers are born every minute and I would hate for anyone on this board to waste money when all they have to do is stick to a program and have patience.


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