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Enzyte commercials continue


LOL, I just now noticed gerry’s avatar.

I hate fucking Enzyte and those fucking commericals. Hate them hate them hate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The way I figure it, they are still in business because they imply that Enzyte can give you a bigger dick, but they never come out and say it specifically. They can claim improved erections because the FDA has confirmed Yohimbe can improve erections.
So they are devious lying scum who sell a dollars worth of herbs for $100! I guess if it was my business I would be laughing all the way to the bank. After all, no one is forcing the stupid fucks who spend their money on the crap.

Horny Bastard

Yep, they make sure to throw the word “big” into the commercials and the way it’s said they can always deny “big” was connected to meaning a bigger penis, but it’s obviously implied.

It was strange to me that you can now find Enzyte on the shelf at wall-mart.

Poor Bob, they just used him for his friendly manner. I don’t want to see Bob go to jail.

I’d like to believe that if I were to be a shyster like that, I would be smart enough to quit early and sail off into the sunset with a few million bucks.

I saw their commercial again last night. I thought it would have been pulled off tv. After what I read in Grower’s thread that Thunder linked to it surprised me a bit to see Bob out playing golf and living large. I guess it takes time since commercials are pre-scheduled.

Incase you guys didn’t realize they pay people millions to make sure these commericals are worded properly incase of situations just like this. That’s why that suit award was so low. Key they hint at a bigger penis but they never promise it. ( But that piece of shit dick head BOB can really suck a big donkey dick if I ever see him in person no words just a punch in the face punch a F*$#ing hole through his bird chest.)


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