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emu oil as a lubricant

emu oil as a lubricant

I lost my hair due to stress. I am using emu oil for hair regrowth and boy is it doing wonders,

but thats not emu oil is all for, it regenrates skin cells and makes skin look younger also, so i was wondering why not we use it for our peing purposes???


no one is replying,


I think the lack of interest is that crisco is sooo much cheaper and most everybody is just a little bit leary of the claims that products such as this make.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Emu oil and hair growth

Also, I don’t need any more hair climbing up my shaft :P


I 2nd that on, the climbing hair is a real freaking pain, what the hell is up with that anyway


Does it work for facial hair? I have patches in my beard. Pain in the ass they are!

OK. Let’s get serious here and cratch some backs.

Who told you about this? and why, specifically, would you use it as a lube for your cock?

I’ll tell you, some weird stuff comes through PE forums, but a lot of it is entertaining.

Factoid: Emu meat is very low in fat; similar to ostrich. My advice: slap a steak on the barbie instead.



lol bout slappin a steak

well, someone here said that the dick looks wrinkly after peing, and since emu oil regenerates new skin cells and is used for wrinkels, i assumed, it may make the dick look better?


More seriously, I think I’d be concerned about the emu oil encouraging hair growth on my shaft. For me, anyway, hair there interferes with some of the PE exercises I do and I don’t think I’d want to have to up the frequency of the shaving ritual I already do.

Alternatively, consider Albolene. It’s a skin moisturizer - most large drug stores carry it. Makes an excellent lube for PE or for just jerking off and leaves your skin looking very healthy, esp. for those who might wrinkle after PE sessions. A further benefit to Albolene is that it gives the sensation of heat.



Tried it, liked it!!

Just picked some up, happed across it while browsing. There was a pamphlet with it that described the benefits of the oil. Seemed like a good idea to me.

Have been using Jojoba oil for a couple of weeks, which I really like. May try to mix the two.

I like the idea that Emu can help to absorb other substances deep into the tissue. May have some potential.

btw, searched for emu on this board and saw your post. Don’t think that emu will make the member all hairy, as it may help promote hair regrowth.

Let me know if you’ve liked using it yourself. Do you find that the member is less tender after a good session? May be useful in pushing the envelope a bit.


Hey lewp

Where did you find it?



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams


Found it at Walmart (Canada).

btw: pm session, with emu & Jojba, oh ya.


Sorry, that would be "Jojoba".


it IS growing hair on my scalp, so, yes it does help in growing hair,

I had a problem growing hair for the sides of goatee, rubbed the area for 2 days, and have that area filling up.

dont know what to tell you guys, other then somethings work for a person, while it doesnt work for others.


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