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Dry Jelq vs. Wet Jelq


Originally Posted by Okish6er
Definitely dry jelqs. Why? No lube is required, it’s more intense and just feels so good!! :)

Great point, not to mention IMO, with wet jelq it’s easier to get the urge to finish the job =/

Dry, by far.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

So at the moment the majority is dry jelq’s, thats quite surprising actually.

Dry jelq, because:

1. I’m uncircumcised and it just works better for me. The skin itself seems to take the place of lube.

2. I have a major problem with accidentally getting full erections while jelqing, and the feeling of lotion obviously doesn’t help that.

3. Being able to have one hand free of my dick and both of my hands free of messy lube allows me to read or browse while jelqing, which distracts me from getting aroused and keeps me from getting bored (I don’t have TV).

4. I always seem to make a huge mess with lube and the times that I’ve tried wet jelqing have seemed not worth it in the end with all of the clean-up I have to do.

It feels for my part like Wet Jelqs are more effective than dry when I do them. I however do both because both are included in a workout-schedule I am following.


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