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dry jelq gains


I have spent time doing both wet and dry jelqing and can say without doubt dry has created most gains.

I would add a rider however. I believe the inexperienced PE’er should include only wet jelqing in their routine until - as someone else has hinted at lately- a conditioning has had time to occur. I mean by that that it is unrealistic to begin a routine and expect results immediately. You have to go through a hardening up experience before launching out into a more demanding set of exercises. At that stage dry jelquing becomes an option.

I am a very very senior PE’er and do not wish to give too many details away but I can say that for over two years when my routine was exclusively based around wet jelqing my gains were less than half an inch. I have now gone from five to seven inches fully erect and the greater gains have come within 9 months since the dry method was introduced.

Of course, it could be argued that it took a large slice of the two years to achieve the platform for speedier increases to occur.

Since I stealth PE, dry jelq is more convenient to me (especially when I have to quickly put my dick back in my pants). Lately though, I can’t do dry jelq without applying a bit of lubricant first, since my dick feels very dry beforehand. Afterward though, I continue with dry jelq, and yes, it’s more effective than wet jelq. Wet jelq is too slippery to be nearly as effective.

As for a few comments about their hands tiring out on them, it’s not much of problem for me, considering I’m a fairly hardcore gamer (meaning I often overwork my hands to begin with), but yeah. You’re supposed to swap hands stroke after stroke. Before you end the first stroke, you prepare the alternate hand with the second one, so once the first hand’s done, your second hand moves along the shaft. Just remember to release your grip once too much skin gets in the way and readjust your grip.

I wet Jelqed for a month then switched over to dry Jelq. I prefer the feel and it looks like there is actually something going on while doing it dry. Immediately after a dry jelq session (25-35 mins) there is a measurable increase in size. Of course it subsides over time but it is one heck of an encouragement to see that huge thing there :)

Could someone explain the one handed method? I am doing the 2 hand method and it’s working but my hands to start to get tired if I go for more than half hour.

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I’d like to know if the duration of jelqing (whether wet or dry) is important. I tend to do wet jelqs and aim at 500 a day. I spread these over 2 sessions - 300 am and 200pm. Now I don’t know whether one achieves more doing 500 straight and I’m not even sure there’s a definitive answer for this but would love to hear other opinions.

Shintaro: From all the stuff I have read, breaking it up into am/pm like that should be alright. I think it would be a bit tiring on yourself to do 500 in a row, but thats my opinion- you could be a machine for all I know!

Anybody else with opinions on wet vs dry jelqing? So far, from these posts, it’s looking like a change from the newbie “wet” jelq, to the dry jelq may come along sooner, rather than later. Perhaps after 3 or 4 months or so. Anybody else with some input?

Originally Posted by d_sut
Shintaro: From all the stuff I have read, breaking it up into am/pm like that should be alright. I think it would be a bit tiring on yourself to do 500 in a row, but thats my opinion- you could be a machine for all I know!

500’s easy d_sut….lots of Vegemite (orally that is!)

Haha Vegemite. Puts the rolls in every cheek!

I’m getting a baseball bat penis. Or I already had it and didn’t know. Anyway, jelqing the lower half should help fight that right? If so that’s great because I find it much easier to dry jelq just the lower half than to wet jelq just the lower half.

I was dry jelqing before jelqing was popular - it was a routine taught to me when I was modelling and for certain it works (when done regulary) I however like to use a small amount of Vitamin E oil just to get a little lubricant - by the time the dry session is over the Vit e is worked into to skin and helps out, plus there is no greasy residue (or just very little) left on your underwear. The prep time is eliminated also.


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