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Don't call it a comeback...

Don't call it a comeback...

Well, im back. Remember my post thinking of throwing in the towel?

Well, I have taken off a little over 2 monthes and am back at it. Been jelqing for 3 weeks now and nothing really significant. However, first two weeks I took it easy only doing MWF. This week I am going day by day, if I feel I can do my routine, I will….if not, I will rest. Also, some have been asking about the effects that the steroids I am using have had on my results. Right now, I am using testosterone enanthate and nandrolone decanoate (more commonly known as Deca). Since these are long acting esters and I started 3 weeks ago, I was not expecting anything yet…and haven’t seen anything as expected. Will keep you posted on this. However, I am NOT doing this only for PE reasons. At this point my priority is getting bigger (muscle wise) and stronger. PE has taken a backseat and will likely be a permanent state in my mind.

Anyways, I have been looking to supplement my jelqing routines with something. Never really liked stretching or hanging as I did not feel that they were effective for me. Stretching I could never really get a good grip and hanging was just too awkward for me, could never seem to get it just right. I’ve been pumping on and off but don’t really feel that it was doing a whole lot for me.

What are your thoughts on the penimaster? Also, could you strap this on after a jelq session or would the slgiht lube cause the device to slip off and be ineffective? Don’t know if I can take a shower after every session, but will wipe it down with some soap and water if I can.

Thanks folks.

BTW, anyone looking to sell their penimasters? Or know where to get a good one, but a bit cheater? $184 is pretty steep for one of these bad boys…


How old are you ? If you don’t mind me asking


Go to the power jelq website as I think that as of today they are destributing the Penimaster for 139 dollars.


What is the power jelq website? The one I went to, I didn’t see anything about the penimaster….



I’ve been thinking about getting a penimaster. The price is what’s keeping me from it. I’ve been considering offering a trade for my little used bib starter (things went to shit right after I got it, then I ended up having to move the family in with my mother—hanging weights from my wang became a no-no). I love my bib, that’s the problem. I take it out and look at it all the time, thinking about when I’ll get to start using it again.


I didn’t mean to submit my post quite yet. I found a penimaster on eBay for $169.…ssPageName=WDVW

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