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Do You PE In Front of Wife/Lover?


I have been reading and lightly experimenting with what is right for me. I just told my wife yesterday about this website. She was mildly amused. But, she didn’t realize that I had already started. I am known for immersing myself in something and becoming as informed as I can before I do anything (feast or famine type of guy). We have a very open communication with each other; so, tonight I jokingly said to her in the middle of her favorite prime time show “what would you say if you caught me hanging a ten pound weight off my Johnson?” It completely floored her. She suddenly was telling me that my size is fine, even a little above average and that I don’t need to do anything. I told her it is mostly for girth (stating reasons that most women polled would prefer girth over length). She said I need to find a new website to surf. You guys are a bad influence. Good thing she knows I never listen

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

Absolutely Yes!


I ended up telling my wife right from the get go. Wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, but I’m glad I did. She was a little taken aback and did the same ole “You’re size is fine”, but I told her it was for me. She thought it was a bit weird and was wondering if I was cheating or something. I told her no, it’s what I need to do to feel better about myself. Still not understanding, I gave her some examples…. I think my wife is beautiful with no make up, yet when she goes out, she puts on make up to feel better about herself. I think my wife has a hot body just the way it is. She’s trying to lose weight to feel better about herself. Using these examples, she seems to understand a bit more. I think I’m going to start doing some exercises in front of her (cause I hate being sneaky). I’m only hoping she may want to help out!


I said her since the beginning I am fanatic for

fitness and sex. With the time I started to talk

about some secrets and confidential things…

like having a special sex gym…she was so excited

about this. We are very confident about sex and I

say anything I want to her.

The best way to explain for me is that,

having a bigger dick, I can give her even more pleasure

and I can have much more control. And it’s true.

I think for me is a normal thing like to do a sport.

I take care of my body!

Sure I didnt know how to do before…but now…

is a normal part of my life.

She enjoy my passion for her…and for my sex gym.

Confidence is a great thing. It’s cool to share everything.

PE rocks!!!!



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