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Difference b/w nbpl and bpl

Difference b/w nbpl and bpl

Does anyone know for sure if the difference between nbpl and bpl stays constant?? What I mean is, if you only measure blp but you know the diff. between that and your nbpl (and it stayed constant) wouldn’t you be able to know your nbpl measurment just from taking bpl measurment? I know all of us have different “difference” measurments but I think it stays constant…

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From what I understand, it stays constant for most people most of their PE career. But for some it changes and at different points in their progress. I can’t rule (haha) anything out, so I always check it.

Your BP measurements will be the most accurate. NBP has a habit of fluctuating. If you put on or lose weight your NBP will change, even if you’re not doing any PE, but your BP measurements remain constant. Other things like fluid retention can affect NBP as well, so it’s not really a reliable growth indicator. There is a fat pad over the pubic bone which is the culprit and it’s thickness fluctuates according to your body fat levels. It’s quite possible that one month you could have 1” difference between your BP and NBP measurements, but if you lost weight that difference may go down to only 0.5”. So, for instant penis “enlargement”, just lose weight …… or have liposuction! :eek:

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I gained 1/2 inch bp and nothing nbp. When I asked others several responded that they had a simular experience. My theory was that the skin did not stretch to accomodate the growth. IOW the penis was popping out from the body and further out, but the skin did not accomodate the growth. When I set out to do skin stretches it grew 1/4 inch nbp while the bp stayed the same.



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