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Desperately In Need Of Help

Desperately In Need Of Help


I’ll make this short and sweet.

Here goes - my current situation is I’ve been on and off PE for about what must be erm, 2.5 years now. I’m disappointed with the results; I feel if I had been consistent I could have gained a lot more. To date, I’ve gained about an inch, maybe just over.

I’m now about 6” NBP in erect length, just over. I did peak at 6.6” NBP but now I’m back down to around the 6 mark. My flaccid is 4.5” but doesn’t really hang the best it could do most of the time, but that’s due to another problem not related to PE. I don’t do Kegels anymore, I used to work my way up to 800+ flexes per day, but now it’s just completely weak and I’m barely able to struggle out 100 with imperfect form. I’m lacking motivation, I’ve tried starting several routines but I just quit after about a week in. Then I’ll decide to start another and I’ll just keep quitting.

I’m no stranger to most things PE, I have never hanged and have never clamped and is something I will probably never try. I’ve debating doing it in the past, but I’ve decided to stick with my hands. I’m not trying to suggest those approaches don’t work or are not effective. I’m open to many things. Like I said, there’s no specific reason for not trying those methods, it just isn’t for me I guess.

I’m used to intense routines, intense Jelqs, intense holds and intense bends. I think I seem to respond well to these.

I need to start PE again; I need to make 7” NBPEL and 5” NBPFL before my holidays in August. I’m just stuck as to which direction to go in? I’m thinking maybe 1 on 1 off with intense Jelqs at high erection for erect length (They have worked well for me in the past). Maybe some tight holds? Some Intense stretching, maybe Fulcrums? Blasters?

I really need all the help and advice I can get, I’ve had a good PE career up until 8 months ago, now it’s just gone down hill.

Really appreciated, thanks.



Where would I be without PE?

You have to get it in your head firmly that PE is not an on and off activity. If you want the gains, you have to stick to it - often giving up other things you might do with the same time spent. Set up a schedule that fits your life obligations and do not let anything get in the way of that. Of course there are times when things will get in the way, but if you commit yourself they will be few and far between.




You have a photo of an awesome bodybuilder under your nick, and I guess if doing PE is not like doing bodybuilding. I know that when I leave the gym for any important cause (because I really do like barbells) my body starts to loose some muscle. In this life perhaps nothing is forever, and that’s even more true when we talk about aspects related to the body. The nice thing is that body always answers very good to any kind of care.
Come on and try to do some PE regularly. You are desiring it, don’t you?

(Sorry for my English!)

Ok, you asked, heres my advise to you;

* Set a realistic goal with a deadline (seems you have done that)

*List the reasons you want to do PE, make them compelling, then memorize them. Use them to motivate you when you feel like skipping a workout.

*List the things that have stopped you in the past from continuing PE or skipping workouts.

*When you think of your PE workout, don’t visualize yourself jelqing, but visualize the end result you want instead. (focus on the reward, not the work)

*Masterbation directly after PE can serve as a reward for the work. Making the association can motivate you and help erection level while jelqing.

I dont know what you have done in the past but IMO, it is hard to beat 30 minutes of jelqing at ~80% erection , combined with 10 to 15 minutes of ~70% erect bends (see the sad sak slinky). I would recommend training everyday or at least five out of seven.

You have to realize that the exercises you did before may not be adequate or productive for the gains you want to achieve down the road. In my opinion, your current length exercises are of virtually no use. Your tissues have habituated to that routine a long time ago and are no longer affected positively for growth. Your penis is a stubborn friend that does not give in easy and that stubbornness only increases as the PE time period grows.

That first inch is the easiest to attain there is excess capacity in the penis just waiting to be engaged; it is the next inch that can become difficult for those not genetically gifted. Your going to have to open yourself to new approaches and techniques with a disciplined frequency to take you to your future goals.

Banned for posting bullshit.


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