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Daytime erection good for healing?

Daytime erection good for healing?

Hi all,

i have a question.

I want to know if its good to get an erection after the PE Workout.
Is it supporting the healing?

I dont mean masturbating up to cumming!Just get an erection by masturbating or watching a porn.
When the erection is up,waiting until it gets down,then same procedure again.

Please excuse my bad english.

Why not?

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I’m a firm believer in trying to stay as engorged as possible for as long as possible in order to allow my dick time to develop a “new size memory” and longterm permanent gains. That’s been my philosophy since I started PE, and it has worked for me. So, in my personal opinion, yes go ahead and get an erection after your PE workout.


Yes, Yes, Yes

I can tell you from experience that an erection after a workout will definitely make sure there is plenty of new blood for healing. Also I have experience less fluid retention if I have time do a couple of erections while I jelq after a pumping routine during the cool-down phase.

Also use the Thera-P wrap if you are not already doing so.

Yes, absolutely. I have been doing this since I started PE. I think it helps to “lock” in your efforts, plus, you are never larger then at this time and it makes it a lot of fun to see and feel your cock at it’s maximum dimensions.

I can’t find it now, but sometime last year someone posted an article here on penis enlargement that I think was in Iron Man Magazine. One thing I remember it said was that an erection causes growth hormone to go into the base of the penis. I’ve since been intrigued with assertion, and I don’t think I’ve read I’ve anywhere else.

I think that any excuse to watch porn is a good thing. :)

Just kidding. But I do agree that the more blood flow the better after a good workout.

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Can’t remember who posted it. But they suggested that by getting an erection after PE indicates you havent damaged yourself during the exercises.

I think getting an erection helps. It’s engorging your member with more blood again. I use a magnetic thera p wrap after my sessions. Those things are so comfortable you don’t even realize you have them on. My penis stays in a semi-flaccid state ( semi swollen) for most of the day.

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Always a good idea to end a PE session with an erection if you can. For no other reason, this gives you good feedback. If you have overdone some aspect in your routine and a final erection is difficult to achieve, you can then review what you did during that session and tone whatever exercise down next session.



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