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Hey all, firstly, when I get erect I get ROCK solid and have 11 - 12 oclock erection… I just want to know if you can get more length and girth from just tugging down on ur erection to lower it?

Also, I want you guys to have a think, I may be wrong and you all seem to know what you are doing. But maybe you should start a discussion on:

Well, jelqing sounds fine, it builds up the tissue and stuff, blah blah blah, and it makes it stronger. But maybe stretching isn’t such a good idea because you aint building a strong fuller cock, you’re just stretching what you have and therefore maybe making you dick weaker or something?

Please answer my first question too, thanks guys :)


Pulling down on your erection won’t do anything for girth. It might stretch the suspensory ligament, but you can do that while flaccid and it’s probably safer. Heavy moves on a fully erect penis can cause serious damage.

Stretching seems to work for most guys. Flaccid stretching, that is. It helps loosen up the ligaments more than anything. It also helps the skin expand to accomodate the bigger dick that jelqing creates.

I think tugging down on your erection will only lower your erection angle without any agains at all.

I can’t stretch or jelq anymore because I am very injured, so I am trying to find alternative ways of making my cock longer, my girl is quite chubby and it’s hard to stay inside her when thrusting, makes me feel so pathetic :( need help so badly.

Her being chubby make her looser? :(
Thanks guys

Originally Posted by rundown

Her being chubby make her looser? :(
Thanks guys


Heavier women are not as a rule either tighter or looser.

Heal your dick for awhile then start PE again at a slower pace. A lot of people think this (PE) is a race. It’s not. Whom are you running against? Not me, I’m thousands of miles away and don’t even know your girl friend. Relax.



So, if she lost weight and toned up from exercise then she wouldn’t get tighter for me at all?

Originally Posted by westla90069

As in the capital of Sumeria I believe. The Sumers - terrific Jelqers. While they weren’t building Ziggurats, they were playing with their pee-pees.

In summation, CAPITALIZE any proper noun.

So, my girl is on a diet and it wont help me after I really thought it would? :(

Pelvic floor exercises will help her to tighten - no amount of weightloss will help the squeeze!


Kegels! There’s plenty of stuff on the internet that will detail exercises on tightening her vagina. Print some stuff out and turn her on to it, be careful though telling her she has a loose pussy is bound to be a dicey subject.

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