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Daily CockRing?


I have some of the Mega Stretch rings with the nubs. I tried wearing one for about an hour after a clamp session and got a major donut! Won’t do it again.

Originally Posted by avocet8

You have to monitor any kind of cock constriction device while it’s on. And not fall asleep.

You are so right. This has become a lessons learned. This is why I have posted my experience with this. Common sense should be exercised, but sometimes our eyes can get heavy and it’s all over. Hey y’all, be careful with the cock rings and don’t get dependent on them as far as sex goes.

avocet8, I kinda believe the constriction can become greater when one is in the dormant stage, because of the less body movement, but the heart still pumps to the same routes, but not as fast, but after a couple of hours build up may be experienced. I personally am very hyper, I have so much energy.
My wife and sons tell me to settle down, but it’s just me, it’s always been me. I have to keep going. does a person sleep at a hyper tense?


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