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Hi, since this thread already was bumped recently .. Even though there are a lot of threads on this issue. I know some people are sick of them because they don’t have the problem. Someone should start an “ultimate curvature thread” to gather everything, maybe even a sticky or sub-forum. It is not directly enlargement related, but PE techniques could apply here as well.

This is a major concern for many, I know it is for me, maybe even more than size, and I am small, especially girth wise at 4.4. I have been very self conscious about my curve ever since I was a teenager because my curve is significant; around 35 degrees. I was really considering surgical curvature correction earlier, but I didn’t dare contact anyone. Now, I don’t like the risk involved with this, a working curved penis is still better than a messed up, defunct one, right? In addition, the shortening it will cause, who wants that? Actually, searching for “curved penis” is why I ended up here.

I have improved somewhat psychologically I must say. I have the choice; being so self-conscious about it that I wouldn’t dare to have sex, missing out on A LOT. Or try to not give a shit and enjoy it as much as I can.

I have done quite a lot of research on the subject and I want to share it - and also to get it off my chest.

Anyway, this is what I have gathered so far of truths, theories, experiences and conclusions:

The two types of curvature
1. Peyronie’s disease. Appears somewhat suddenly. Probably caused by an injury, creating scar tissue and plaque on one side which results in less elastic tissue , and hence a curve.
2. A less developed chamber. This is the one you had all your life, caused by one chamber less developed than the other during puberty growth.

It is vital to separate between these two, it’s very different. Like, vitamin E will never help a less developed chamber, but could maybe help dissolve plaque (or so I’ve heard).

What causes a less developed chamber?
1. Masturbation. I really don’t believe in this theory, it seems implausible. There is no correlation between left- and right-handedness and to which side it curves, right-handed guys have a left curve too.
2. Wearing tight underwear during puberty. Could be, I know this applies to me. Maybe combined with a lower hanging left testicle, making the penis shift to that side.
3. Kind of natural. The body is split in two and each side develops independently. This is why no one is perfectly symmetrical, like having one testicle bigger than the other, one foot bigger than the other (is there a correlation?), in women one breast smaller than the other etc. I’m inclined to believe in this one too.
4. A combination of the factors above.

The direction of the curve
1. Upward. I think many want this. Looks potent and still symmetrical. Increased G-spot stimulation (at least from the front I imagine)
2. Downward. Not sure if you care about this. Increased G-spot stimulation from behind I guess.
3. Left or right. I think this is what guys hate. The visual appearance we think is bad. I do. Increased G-spot stimulation from the side I guess..

Do women mind?
My impression is that some do mind, but the majority don’t. Women like penises, period. Some say it gives it “character”, hmm, some actually say they like it more. Remember, a curve increases friction and hence pleasure, which could make up a little for girth, and the vagina is very flexible. I guess it depends on the extent of the curve too. I imagine I’ve noticed some girls have adjusted their position during intercourse, that doesn’t make me feel good. I also believe it can cause soreness in one wall of the vagina, so I try to vary accordingly, from the front, behind and sideways. What I do know, is that I’ve brought most girls I’ve had sex with to orgasm, even with my inferior girth.

Can the curve be corrected with PE techniques?
Well, I have yet to see a definitive answer on this, even with all the threads on the subject (I have been through them all here). Most answers are like: yes, doing this and that should theoretically straighten the penis. Routines include jelqing and stretching against the curve, straight stretches (still more tension on the shorter side), all day extenders and pumps. But the testimonials of success are lacking, though some, very few, report that they have done it, but with little info of a specific routine for achieving it. I wish we had more. If you have a success story, please share it with us. The repeated message anyway, is that it takes a long time, months and years, not very inspiring. I want to increase size through PE too, but I’m scared it will worsen the curve, as some have reported they have gotten one during their PE years. What I want to believe is that sideways, bent over the thumb stretches should work. Any reason why it shouldn’t?

Unfortunately I haven’t worked on this myself, partly due to the uninspiring lack of feedback from others, but also I got a little injury at the same time I started to try out PE (almost two years ago). It was not because of PE itself - I was kind of obsessive, holding my dick straight while getting real hard, just to see and dream how it would look straight. Suddenly I felt a sharp, intense pain in my left side, I was scared shit-less. I had a burning sensation in that side of my penis for weeks and I thought it was ruined. I was sure the curve would get worse from this, but fortunately it doesn’t seem to have, no permanent damage I think (what do you think of this injury?), and I’m trying to give PE a go again.

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By the way, may I post this in the main section? It’s not totally newbie I think. And I would like some replies from experienced guys, don’t know if they read the newbie forum.

Hey zerozero I look for the answer to this question from the first time I come here, I have a curve too that really bothers me, and if I could fix I will be really happy, I think more than increasing my unit, is there a photos on my penis, you think my curve is from Peyronie’s disease or normal curve??

There a lot of routine here on the forum on this issue, but like you I have never seen a success story to this.

I think it’s a normal curve. I think wearing my extender has lessened but not totally fixed mine.

I have a curve too its like a darn boomerang. I have learnt to love and accept it for what it is, I mean it does give me a shorter looking unit but you know what once we are in there its “even-Steven. I know one thing for sure any lady I have been with will never forget the tale of Captain Hook.;-). I think wearing tight underwear was definitely a contributing factor especially when younger with that very frequent diamond cutting erections. I do not care about my curve but there is no way it can be allowed to increase in degree. I am a pumper and in many ways pumping has some way another improved the curve a little in a positive sense. However in saying all of this let it be known that the degree of my curve does vary at times, but that probably has to do with my erection quality.

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When erect I have an upward curve, but when I’m flaccid it almost always hangs to the right. That’s probably because I almost always tucked it off to the right of my pants before I started becoming as self conscious about it. Other than the upward curve, my dick is pretty straight, so I don’t think that something you do to your flaccid dick will effect your erect curves. To be honest I can’t remember if my curve was gradual or if it happened from an accident. I think that masturbating with the curve will make it worse though if done enough. I never took pictures, but it seemed that it could effect the degree of my curve. Then again this was way back when I was edging so I was masturbating a lot! I think its very hard to straighten out a curve, but I believe doing erect or semi erect bends or stretches (only lightly because they are very dangerous as zerozero knows) will help. I have read about members who have reported that their curves became worse after PE. Just think about it how easy would it be to jelq with a curve versus against it? I know it took much more finger strength and determination to get me to jelq against the curve all the time (I didn’t always like my upward curve!)

Originally Posted by Phyriel
Is there a photos on my penis, you think my curve is from Peyronie’s disease or normal curve??

I agree with raybbaby, that’s a normal curve, if it has always been like that. A curve caused by Peyronie’s occurs where the penis was formerly straight, and tends to be more sharp angled, often accompanied by pain during erection and intercourse. Doesn’t sound like you have any physical problems with it and your curve isn’t that bad at all.

Maybe I will post pictures of mine too, it’s like a banana, pointing to the left, plus a little downward curve similar to yours.

Peyronie’s disease can range from varying degree and it could also be the result of accumulation of trauma as opposed to be merely once incident causing it. Sex does not necessarily have to be painful for a condition to be classified as Peyronie’s. Men like myself can still have Peyronie’s disease and have sex without it being painful and so forth. At times when the lady rides on top initial entry can be a little challenge because bending against curve can be uncomfortable.

Phyriel you have an outstanding unit one of the best I have seen, yes you do have a slight curve and a bit of variation from the so called normal unit but more in your size than your curve. I am not qualified as a urologist specialising in Peyronie’s disease, however based on that which I know I would say that you curve appears to be within the “normal” range of curves. I do make mention again my analysis may be wrong as you may fit in the very mild Peyronie’s group. However I think that both you and I and folk who have curves should be grateful that we are still able to use them very well, as I think people in the extreme cases really have a difficult time.

05/12/2005 : BPEL: 6.1"x EG:5.5" Current as of : 24/12/2011 : BPEL 7.87" x EG: 6.3" Long term Goal 8.5"x 6.4"

" There is only one option success; for failure is the refusal to persist"

I’ll second Phenyo’s post that guys w/Peyronie’s can have perfectly functional units. I’ve got some crazy angle on my dick - like almost 90 degrees right near the head. Like a banana. It seems to work fine though. The doctor actually told me that it could make sex more pleasureable for the woman! Only had one girl get scared of it, but that was in high school so that’s understandable.

Hey Phyriel, not any less important to me, but I haven’t found anything more.

You probably read it, this guy set out to do a full on anti-curvature routine, Anti-curvation routine, but sadly he left soon after and never reported back. I would like to try out a specific routine to fix it, but I am really scared to make it worse, I cannot afford that. But perhaps us guys who would like to fix it should try out stuff, stay in touch, report and help each other.

About the vitamin E, I think that applies only to Peyronie’s disease. The theory is that vitamin E helps healing and prevents scar tissue in general , and hence may prevent curvation. So I guess, if it works at all, it have to be treated preventively, right after any injury or something.

As said, I don’t think you suffer from Peyronie’s if you had it all the time (congenital curvature I believe is the medical term, forgot to say that). And to Phenyo and spanky123, sorry if I seemed too bombastic, I’m no expert, I just know many have those problems.

I’m bumping this thread again, just to say that anyone who are interested in sharing concerns and routines regarding curvature are welcome to PM me. There are a lot of threads on this topic but they all die quickly as the majority aren’t too interested. As always, success stories are much appreciated!


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