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Curvature Myth


I have a little bit curve to downwards and Left side, it’s not that much but really bothers me!!

I am asking this question because I don’t see anyone here in the site yet who have successfully fix his curvature!

Actually I do know which product was used. But won’t I be instantly suspected as a shill when I name it? I tend to feel very suspicous when I hear someone brag about any brand name on this forums. But maybe I’m a bit more jaded than most.

I think that the test should mainly have relevance amongst us here, to indicate that traction devices are capable of working. It seems likely they may come in varying degrees of quality, I don’t really know.

Another part of me thinks “if it can safely apply constant pressure, then it works” but I don’t have experience with a great variety of them, to say which do so, well.

At any rate, it was with FastSize.

To answer Clayton’s question:

My understanding is that the doctor was doing the research at FastSize’s behest. One can never know if palms were greased. Personally I doubt it. I doubt it because Levine has been a big name in Peyronie’s for some time. So he’s not some piss ant who barely got a degree, and can be bought and sold by some web company.

I won’t call it impossible that he was bought and paid for, but I doubt it.


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