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What the hell is balloon popping?

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Future Fetish

See how technology has connected people with different fetishes.
By Wired for Sex staff

Thanks to technology, kinky is now fashionable. The Internet and other networking technology have given people with fetishes the opportunity to find their community and exposed millions to previously obscure practices while spawning whole new fetishes directly related to the technology itself. Whether they are just fads or innate desires, there seems to be no limit to how outrageous or potentially dangerous a 21st century fetish can become.

Segment II: Looners
Balloons are fun, playful symbols of birthday parties or a time when a skinned knee could be rendered painless thanks to their buoyant charm. Yet for “Kristi,” balloons help make her sexual yearnings come to fruition.

She says:

It was about two years ago. My ex and I threw a party. And after, when we were cleaning up, we started getting it on. And as I was climaxing, you know, when you just start grabbing anything, I grabbed a balloon. And I was squeezing it and squeezing it. And as I started reaching my climax I obviously, I popped the balloon.

With that innocent grabbing of a balloon an intimate relationship or fetish was born. The smell and texture of the latex and especially the anticipation of the balloon popping arouse her.

Since she had already experienced the sexual energy of the cruising the Internet in high school, Kristi thought that perhaps there would be other people who “enjoyed” balloons almost as much as she does. She was right.

It’s not that Kristi can’t have sex without them. She loves sex sans balloons, too. It’s just that the balloons have touched a nerve, so to speak, which makes the sexual experience that much more enjoyable.


I have a hardware firewall on my router and the I run Zone Alarm. They have a free version if your interested. I like Zone Alarm because it notifies
you of any outbound connections of any program.


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