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Cool weiner

Cool weiner

Hey people

Does anybody else find that their glands feels quite low of temperature? My glands is cool to the touch in it’s flaccid state most of the time and I have read that a healthy member with good vascularity should be quite warm.

I am jelqing regularly and am still experimenting with pressure as I haven’t quite gauged what is best in terms of results. For a while I found I had experienced an increase in quality of erection, but that seems to have receaded. I am doing quite a lot of kegels every day aswell.

One thing I have added to my routine that for some reason my weiner doesn’t seem to react to well to is more stretching; particularly at a high angle. Maybe my weiny just needs time to adjust to added stretching.

I am approaching two months of pe and am feeling quite dishartened not to have made many gains. But I am determined to continue and get gains… I am even writing affirmations (anybody heard of this) ie. ‘I will have an eight inch cock’ fifteen times on a piece of paper. I know it sounds a little nuts, but it reminds me of why I’m doing this, when I’m jelqing five days a week seeing no developement.

I am doing a couple of minutes warm up with a sock run under hot water and wrapped around my cock. I also tend to have a bath or shower afterwards for warm down so I don’t think it’s either of these things.

Oh yeah… and I’m circumsised which I’m sure has something to do with it.

;) ziggarillo

I’ve noticed the glands can sometimes be cooler (I’m uncircumsised), but not to such a degree that I ever had any concern.

I’m no expert on affirmations, but one thought that crossed my mind is that the way you’ve written it has no due date. It might be better to state ” I have a” (meaning present tense) than “I will have a” which is a bit vague for the subconscious to do anything with.

Hmmm. interesting. Anybody else got any thoughts on this?

Also does anybody else ever feel that they’re taking rest days because they’re supposed to and that their weiners are actually just starting to get in to the swing of a routine. Some times I’m not sure.

Hi ziggaman, good to hear from another circumcised guy from the UK. Was starting to think I was all alone in this country! :D As I’ve indicated, I’m circumcised as well and my glans can sometimes seem quite cool. I’ve never had any problems with it though, theres been no loss of sensation or numbness ever. I think its just something to do with circumcision. I believe in uncircumcised guys the dorsal vein travels through the foreskin, whereas it reroutes itself after circumcision (thats why it goes off to the side in most cut guys). It could therefore just be that naturally it doesn’t need to be too warm because the foreskin covering it would keep it warm (because of its own blood supply).

But I’m not a doctor, just giving my opinion on it. :)

As for rest days. If you feel your in the swing of a routine but you’ve got rest days scheduled, but you also are sure your dick could take another day or more of PEing, then I’d say go ahead and carry on. But go gently. Rest days are there to give your penis a chance to recover and rebuild itself (hopefully slightly bigger is the idea :bigwink: ), but if you’ve not stretched your penis enough for it to think it needs to heal, then nothing will happen on those rest days.

I’m not saying stretch the hell out of it. It might just be, as you say, that your penis is getting into the swing of the routine and needs another day or two of it.

What’s your current on/off schedule like at the moment?

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I think the cool glans may very well have to do with no blanket (foreskin) covering it. Mine seems quite cool at times as well. No problem, though.

BTW. When I do a lot of intense stretching, my strong erections subside until I’m finished with that round of stretching. There must be some connection between the two because I’ve been doing PE for going on ten months and it certainly didn’t happen with the jelqing. In fact, with the jelqing, I have had more frequent and harder erections.


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In that case perhaps it is wise to go with a one week on, one week off stretching routine with the every week jelqing routine. Thoughts?

Anybody found that stretching has perhaps interfered with gains?

I’m uncut but I often have cold glans. For example now its colder than my leg, arm, fingers etc.

Good question though, I was gonna ask same question. Any other uncut guys get this?


Yes Melvin. I all so get this cool sensation. I’m uncut and felt that it was from overworking my weiner.

I hang 10lbs and Pump slow gainer

So you don’t get it when you dont over work? I get it when I dont PE also. (Like when on breaks).


I get it whether I PE or not. I just put it down to being a bodily extremity of little mass and little blood flow. Never gave it any consideration really.

Hum, lets see:

I believe that the glans being cool has more to do with the penis being an extremity (ie like your fingers and toes). The extremities tend to get less blood flow and therefor tend to be cooler than the torso. Remember this is one reason your testicles are outside your body rather than inside your body. The production of sperm requires a slightly lower than body temperature, meaning that your testicles need to be outside your body.

Personally my glans feels warm to my fingers (my hands/fingers are almost always cool, bad circulation?) but cool when placed next to the legs. To me it makes sense that the glans would be a little bit cooler than the thigh as the thigh is much bigger and requires a lot more blood circulation (lots of muscles, main body support and means of transportation), but not quite as cool as the fingers, because the fingers are much more removed from the heart. Also remember that the surface area to volume ratio of the penis (and fingers for that matter) is much higher than your legs, torso, etc, simply because the thigh is much larger than the penis (unless your really hung :) ). This allows for more flow of heat from the penis to the outside environment per unit volume.

Hope this helps.

I clicked on this link thinking I would see a picture of a weiner in a pimp hat or something.. I feel like I was let down.

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Sorry to let you down remek. I have found that it helps to come up with sensationalist titles for your threads if you want to get them widly read. Kinda like the tabloid newspapers. ;)

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