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Condoms and ED

Condoms and ED

i had recently noticed that i had been having more and more troubles with my errections since starting pe. not to blow my own horn (ill get someone else to do that, lol), but ive always been pretty good in the sack, but this has really started to affect me. normally i could go 3-4 times a night, recently, ive been able to last 30mins the first time, then itd go soft before i came. then itd come up again, soon after i put the condom on, and started again, itd go soft.

well the other day, i had just about had it. id decided that i was going to give my girl the banging of her life for putting up with the ED (shes been so sweet about it), i took a day off pe beforehand to make sure. anyway to make a long story short it happened again. i was on the verge of tears.

so we tried to think of what could be causing this. i eventually came to the conclusion that it was the condoms, theyre to small. so we tried it without (shes on the pill, but im paranoid, so we use condoms), and geuss what, i could have stayed hard all day, if i hadnt cum.

my girth is what id describe as the “upper end of average” - “the lower end of big”, at 5.25.

this made sense as id never had problems before my dick grew. so my problem is now, where do i get *free* comdoms (until now ive been going to the docs), that are bigger? if i go into the docs and ask for bigger condoms, will they have them do you think. at my docs ive only seen standard ones, i think theyre an “own brand” called “safex”, since ive never seen them anywhere else.

can you help me?


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Condom Sizes

Here in Australia there are at least three sizes of condoms available.

Tight Fiting = 49mm



Conversion Factor
1inch = 25.4mm

Websight :-

A pack of 12 regular cost AUD$13.50 (Retail) but may be found cheaper if you shop around.

Trust this is of help.

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A to tight condom can steel your woody, no question. Wouldn’t hurt to ask the Doc. Otherwise you will need to start shelling out some $ and buying roomier ones.

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What country do you live in that you have to get them through your doc?

Here in the US, the largest - which I think are Trojan Magnum XL - can be had for 5.75/doz $US.

If condom size is turning out to be that important in sex for you, spend some bucks, is my advice, and be comfortable.




For all you guys that use condoms.

There are numerous outlets advertising on the web.

All you need to do is go to any search engine and type in “condoms”

This will bring up pages galore - you should be able to find an outlet in your own country or if cheaper elsewhere you can always mail order.

Here are just three that I extracted but there are 100’s more.

Have a browse you might find something you havent tried before!

If the average person has a girth of 5” (127mm)

A Regular size condom is 2.1/16” (52mm)

The condom is going to be tight

Even a large condom at 2.5/16” (57mm)
is still going to be a tight fit in my opinion

I never use them but the sizes don’t seem to be of much use to a person with above average girth.

Just my observation - I know they stretch but having something that tight on your penis isnt going to help you enjoy a lengthy session.

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in england we dont have trojans (to my knowledge), we have “durex”, i found they do a condom called “comfort”, which is suppposedly slightly larger, but more strechy as well, so it will give the impression of even larger, so im going to get some of them this weekend. il let you know how it goes.


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condoms sizes

Hi Sirjelqalot !

You from England too ? (That’s the UK to the rest of U guys !)

I live in the south west.
Theres a guy who seels 50 pack lots in Somerset, quite cheap - I think he does the larger ones too.
If you have trouble getting, please cum back 2 me, and I will get his address 4 you.

ALSO: I tried the SanFancisco outfit that advertise on the web - I think they now call themselves condomania, but I’m not sure.
The variety they sell puts Durex to shame ! You can certainly get the Trojand & magnums from them, and if you buy a “bulk” pak, it’s pretty cheap. BUT don’t get too greedy, cause since Sept 11 the customs open enverything, and may charge you VAT and post handling. Even so its still cheap. Order from them online. I found them pretty good and halpful of you need something special.

Good Luck

BTW: Have U read the site ? Worth a look (Durex is now American owned !!!).



Hey Modest,
Quit killing the Queen’s English, will you please? Thanks !!!

Also, SirJelqALot, check the Forum Affiliates forum, we have an affiliate set up with Condomania. I believe they have ordering info and sizing tips on their site.

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English Condoms etc

Hi Sir J

when I was surfing for something else, I just happened to spot a reference to SAFEX.

There is a link to their website:

It might help, if only for backgound info, or later.

I guess you managed to get the freebies on the good old NHS - Yes ?
Well, good for you.

email me if you want re your other problem. I don’t bite !

Good Luck,



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