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College PEer right here. Most of my PE career has been done at college. You just find 40 minutes to yourself a few times a week and you’re set. If all else fails, take longer showers ;) . I’ve gained about .75” at college this semester. You can PM me if you need any detail. (PS figure out your roomate’s schedule, that’s all you need to do)

Best of luck.

To add on…

You can really get away with a lot of things under the covers. You can even warm up at your computer and no one even knows. Plus if you’re really desparate, you can do stretches and some jelqs quietly in your bed at night.

.75 in one semester?That’s awesome, what was your routine?

My Routine: 5 min. warmup, 10 min. stretch, 15 min. jelq, 5 min. warm-down. I wasn’t able to do this too often though as I was really busy. So I tried jelqing like RB 2-3 times a day at only 5 minutes a piece without any warmup. I gained length quickly this way, but it took from my girth, so I stopped. I was actually extremely bad at sticking to a routine, so most days I would only do 5 minutes of stretching in the shower. Then my gains started to slow. It’s all very personalized, you just need to experiment.


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