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Clamping: Starting Soft or Hard?


TNT, I also get the bulb. I’ve noticed that it is very pronounced when I start soft and work my way up. How much have you gained from clamping? Dustpan and drilla, both with very considerable girth gains start hard then clamp. I’m curious to see how many people that do it the other way have made good gains. I would guess that most people start hard since that’s the way it tends to be described in the “how to” threads.

Keep ‘em coming.

I have clamped both ways — starting hard and clamping down, and clamping first and letting my penis swell up into the clamp. Personally, I prefer to be at about 60% (not completely soft, but not close to being really hard) and let my penis swell inside the clamp. I feel like I get better expansion this way, and I have gained about 3/8” in girth in about 5 months (from 4.75 to 5.125). I feel like when I clamp when I begin at a full erection I do not get as great of a pump. Just me .02. To each his own.

I have been experimenting with clamping a bit recently.

I am having problems with keeping the clamp close to the pubic bone.

I wonder if starting a bit soft might help with that.

I have never experienced the “bulb” at the base but that sounds like it would help my problem if I could get that.

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