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Clamping question

Clamping question

Simple question :

since after couple of minutes, you loose some of the % of the erection, do you tight the clamp a bit more, or just let it the way it was at the beginning ?

It is a possibility to kill your self by drinking too much water. Called overhydration hur you go kiddies.


This actually happened a few years back to some young girl who was on E, she locked her self in her bathroom and started drinking water until it put her into a coma, just some food for thought

I must be on the wrong channel

Water Intoxacation. The Boss was right.

“The patient may become confused, drowsy, or inattentive. Shouting and delirium are common.”

My God, this is me!

Hey wait a minute!!!

Weren’t we talking about this on another thread? :xtop:

This is the CLAMPING channel.

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No Nukes

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Two Gallons

That’s right. Two US gallons of chilled port a day and the patent may become confused, drowsy, or inattentive and most definitely have shouting and delirium.”


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No Nukes

Back when I clamped I would always get the clamp as tight as I could get it, continuously tightening more and more. Once you get the damn thing tight you shouldn’t really be losing your erection. I am not a clamping pro, but I did get some MAJOR expansion. I would be about .75 inches thicker after a clamp session, about twice as much expansion as I got from other girth moves. However a few weeks of this style of clamping gave me serious ED which lasted for weeks after I stopped clamping. Finally my dick returned to normal after a long layoff. If your dick is going limp in the clamp it might be trying to tell you something.

Thanks for the answers.

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