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Clamping Question

Clamping Question

I want to gain a tiny bit extra girth around the mid-shaft area of my penis, but not any at the base, so if I clamp on the base will the base stay the same?

Current - NBPEL 6.9" x EG Base 6.2"

BPEL 7.4"

Goal - NBPEL 8.5" x EG 6.5"

You probably want to clamp around the point you want to enlarge.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, most guys seem to report that the exact point that the clamp is applied is the place which seems to gain the most girth…

Have a read of some of the clamping threads.

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Its very hard to isolate just one area you want to enlarge (some would say impossible) but I say try it anyway. Clamping at the point you want to enlarge is probably a good idea. Clamping at the base will most likely make your base bigger. So try the mid shaft clamping. Hope it works out for you.

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Mid shaft clamping is an option, yes, although complicated. Ulis might be an better option but they could also lead to more upper shaft and glans girth. I don’t know if you are interested in that.

Mid shaft clamping is going to be hard to keep the blood in your penis. Usually when you isolate a certain area of your shaft, that is when the second clamp is applied. The first clamp is used to keep the blood in the shaft.

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