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Clamping : Erect or soft?


I do only one session of 10 - 15 minutes. I am having great results from it! Better erections, night erections ( I wake up they are so hard), 1/8” in a few weeks maybe less, and more veins!

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Originally Posted by Muscular_Beaver

For me, ( please notice the proper application of commas ) if I am constantly loosening the clamps, letting the blood flow in and out, and then tightening the clamps again, to keep the blood volume at a maximum, things work the best .

I would disagree. I suggest the following revision:

If I am constantly loosening the clamps, letting the blood flow in and out, and then tightening the clamps again to keep the blood volume at a maximum, things work best.

Syntax tightened, moving on.

Originally Posted by Muscular_Beaver
I find porn to be both helpful, and enjoyable .

Yes. I hear it’s very popular, porn.

Originally Posted by Muscular_Beaver
I also seem to find double spacing to be very enjoyable .

Hope that it is not too annoying for all you English Majors .

The double spacing would be handy for corrections on paper. In this medium it’s just a good way to separate paragraphs. As with anything, if over used it loses it’s impact.

What’s with the extra spaces between punctuation marks?

Oh yeah. Clamping. I thought it was recommened to do this at around 80% erection, like one long jelq.

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After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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I have been doing clamping now for a while with positive progress and I rarely have to arouse myself while clamping at all, although I often do anyway. I can pretty much stay at maximum pressure as long as I want. I usually do 3 or 4 sets of 10 min. The method I use may or may not be possible with a cable clamp though, I use the Air clamp from Monty and I can not recommend it enough. The main difference for my method is that the clamp is soft. I get a good erection and put the air clamp on and pump it a bit, that will add some pressure and it soon goes to maximum as I tighten it all the way. With the air clamp you get pretty much even pressure all around so I guess there is not as much flowback of blood as with a cable clamp. What I do though is put my legs together, almost to the point of crossing. That simple thing puts on more pressure, partly because the clamp is squeezed together and because it gets slightly pushed forward. Like that I can keep and regulate the pressure pretty much exactly. Leaning forward slightly will increase pressure even more.

So yeah…get an air clamp. You won’t miss the awkward feeling of cable clamps.

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