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Circumcision the cause of ED?

Circumcision the cause of ED?

I am circumcised and experience as follows:

When I am flaccid, I don’t feel ANYTHING.

When I get semierect (which needs awhile) my feeling increases slightly.

When I am finally erect I have all my feelings. Sometimes too sensitive.

Can I hope to get increased flaccid sensitivity after a foreskin restoration?

Hope this could help solve my ED problem which I have sometimes.


YES you will improve

Although I am fairly new to this as well as PE, i have reseaerched this extensively. I would have to say yes “Restoration will increase your sensitivity especially in the flaccid state.” And as long as this is the source of your ED and there is not another impending problem such as bad circulation or damaged nerves, vessels. etc. you will be able to imrove.

Research foreskin restoration on the net and you will see what I am talking about. There are thousands of men that report better sensitivity, less iriatation, etc.

Your foreskin is a natural part of your body that protects the extremely sensitive and delicate structure of your glans (head). If you look at the glans of an uncircumcised penis the glans is very glassy, moist, and extremely soft, with no “crack lines” on it.
The actual covering is not even “skin” per se it is more of a thin membrane. And should really be considered as an “internal organ.”

(IF you are wondering where I’ve seen them just look at the pics on the web or even some good porn! I obviously haven’t seen one up close. LOL)

Now look at your glans and compare. As I look at mine, the first thing you notice is the glans is very hard, very dark, and is filled completely with the small “crack lines” I talked about. This is called “keratonization” which the glans does over the years to protect itself since your foreskin was removed. It turns it from an internal organ to an “external organ.” The end result is a glans with many thick layers of extra skin now not uncommon to the skin on the rest of your body (which greatly reduces sensitivity). Just like skin on your hands and feet may callus over to protect itself.

But dont worry, all men report that when you restore, the glans will “shed” these layers and return to its glassy, smooth, moist like state as it returns to its internal organ state. And all seem to report some level of sensitivity returning.

A simple test i found on the net and tried was this, sleep with your unit in a condom overnight (works best especially after you ejac.). When you wake and take the condom off, you should feel a great increase in sensitivity and like a baby just that just came out of the womb: pissed off!. I experienced a definite increase in sensitivity. Even the just the change in cool air I could feel it on my head. It was amazing! That made me a believer. That was from just one night, what would happen if i had a permanent foreskin?

Circumcision also does other damage, some that can’t be reversed but for the most part, restoring will definitely give you increased sensitivity and many other benefits thru restoring your glans. The foreskin also acts as a natural lube during sex, etc.

Hope this helps. I probably could go on all day, but you should definitely research it more for yourself, and i dont want to fill up the whole site with info you could just get from a couple of websites. Good Luck!


There is, so far as I know, no conncection whatsoever between being circumsized or not, and ED. Unless as a result of a botched procedure.




thanks for your long reply, it helped much…


I don’t know if I could call my erection problems “ED” problems. Maybe sensitivity problems? Or both?

Most times I need a “blow job” to get erect. Hands don’t help.

But with a blow job I get with 95% guarantee an erection.

I takes the most time to get my member from flaccid to semi erect. Then it goes very fast (because it becomes sensitive). And if I don’t be carefull….I will come immediatelly.
But when I am fully erect for 2 min, then I can controll my member not to come too quickly.


Easy Squeeze,

I know what you mean on the blow job thing man. I’m the same way.


You think the doctors would ever admit to that, if there was a correlation? That would mean that all these RIC’s they’ve been performing for years are harming people. I wonder how much they and the pharmaceutical industry would stand to lose……



I agree in principle. It’s just that circumcision doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction. Whether it causes other issues for men is certainly a subject worthy of discussion.


Until you get yourself a new foreskin or some means of making yourself more sensitive, consider Viagra for normally hard erections. It might work very well for you. I’m sure your doctor would not give you an agument. If he does (unless you have some heart problem that contraindicates V use), find another doctor.




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