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Cemented gains, and time.


Originally Posted by Starter7777
Where does one by a rice sock?

I don’t think they’re for sale. Just get a large sock, some rice, put the rice in the sock then secure the end with string. Place it in the microwave for a minute or two and you’re good to go.


I’m planning on extending the heating for my hanging sessions. Have you done any hanging with this heating routine? If so, how much weight and what were your results? Thanks.

I haven’t used any form of hanger but I have wondered about it. I believe it would be beneficial, but often wondered how much exposed area you could get, since devices like the Bib cover so much of the skin.

Hi Shiver. I have used the tugger to stretch while using IR heat. The tugger lets you expose the entire shaft to the light. I have no stand for my light so have to hold it so the tugger is ideal. I have been out of action for a long time, the odd pull every few weeks, lost no length, and just a little girth (though I do think a lot of girth is temporary)

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

Girl claims she had a huge ex? Stick a spider in the bathroom or a mouse in the kitchen and when she comes out screaming ask her how big the spider/mouse was...


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