Can we......


Can we make an attempt at keeping the PE related threads on topic? I am guilty of putting off topic remarks in some really decent PE related threads. I am going to make an attempt to stop myself, if I fuck up, let me know. It seems to be a growing problem lately. We have plenty of forums here where the off topic posting would be better placed. So if we can try to keep the PE threads free of off topic posts I think it will add to the quality of the forums.

I am going to ask the moderators to help out with this by moving off topic posts to a thread in the NCE forum. If you feel a particular post is off topic, report the post by clicking the small button with the exclamation mark in the top right corner of the post. This sends a notice to the moderators and they can then check the post and move it if necessary. No long extended explanation is needed in the reason box, just type in “off topic” and submit.


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