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Calling all Penimaster users!

Calling all Penimaster users!

I’ve been using the PM for a few weeks now but have seen minimal to no results. I mainly use it for 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours after an intense jelq/clamping session in the evening. I am also doing stretches for about 15 min. in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, warming up before each session.

My question is what traction has given you the most results? I am usually starting with 1 bar showing and do not adjust it and end with 2-3 bars at the end of the session. Is this too much tension?

Tip: To increase glan size and to prevent slipping I put the strap on but not completely tightened, then I jelq blood into the head squeezing mid shaft to get a good pump in the glans before tightening all the way. Gives head a good pump.

Well you should be wearing it more often, but take breaks to release the blood back through.I’m not sure it was recommended to manual stretch and use the device, but I could be wrong about that.To answer your question though I usually start at the second bar, 3rd if it’s not too much pressure to start and go for an hour.Then I release blood and hot wrap for a little while. Then for the next round I tilt the thing all the way to my chest (first round is straight down) same tension and strap it upright with my belt for another hour.If time permits then do another few rounds.Take a rest and do some jelq/clamping whatever your conditioned to do and do a few more rounds throughout the day and night. This is showing promise for me so far.Just be EASY we only got one dick.

Oh and also for the head slippage I cut and wrap a slim piece of a shammy around the head to hold mine in place.Works like a charm.

Update: Actually for the head wrap I’ve found that the shammy is very prone to slippage under intense stretching. What I’ve done is rip off at the 3rd ripping line of toilet paper and fold over (long ways) and wrap around a good 2 or 3 times. That way you can put pressure on the head from slipping yet not slip out/pull skin. Hope that helps.

This may not be the case, but if the tension is really intense then you could be damaging your penis and that would be a reason you aren’t seeing any gains from it. It would be good to use it for a longer period, but don’t let it feel painful at all.

Another issue of concern is not to use too many bars too quickly. You should only use more bars after you have worn it for extensive periods of times during each day. IMO if you are comfortably wearing the device in the 6-12 hr. Range on the 3rd setting for OVER a week or so I would put the smallest bar in the package on top and start off at the First notch (don’t do anymore-yet) and see how that works. You can search around for using heat while stretching too. Before/After or during. I always beforehand heat for about 5 minutes before putting the device on. At the 50minute mark I heat again until I reach 60. I cool it down with some cold water/ice wrap and a fan. After 10-15 minutes are up I continue the workout. I average out around (on my good days) 8hrs daily, 5-6 on my bad. I think a lot of people have issues with wearing the device while out in daily life, but I find that lowering the devices setting (possibly putting that extra small piece back into the package and put it on the 2nd or 3rd notch) makes it comfy. Remember though that the heat and cooling helps a great deal. In my last response I indicated that using toilet paper to wrap the head would help with the slippage issue, and I’ll stick by it, but I was going through my old sports bag today and I found, amongst other things, an Ace Bandage Self Adhesive Wrap which is by far superior! If you have trouble with the base hitting your balls and leaving indentations or mild pain because of the base I cut an inch width of a full shammy cloth to wrap around the bottom half and pin it together on the top with a safety pin. Which works great. If you’re wondering how I’m managing out with my device I will be posting an update in the near future. You could also try using supplements as well. Good luck and keep us posted.

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