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Breaks and progress?


johnny, thanks for the feedback and info. Very interesting, especially the part about gaining back what you “lost” plus some.

2.5” in length in 2.5 years is extremely good by any standard. That you only spent about 1.5 years of the time actively PEing is even more impressive.

>But I have noticed that every time I go off, the gains seem to occur more rapidly when I go back on.<

This is what I’m most interested in.

I’ve only managed to take a month off. I gained 1/16” per month before the rest, then picked up 1/8” in the month after.

Experiences such as yours, UIShrike’s, MagnumXL’s, and others keep me thinking there is merit in taking planned breaks, even though it is difficult for some of us to do so.

Maybe if I can gather the willpower, I’ll take a couple months off at the beginning of the year and see if the rest primes me for better progress.

I think you may be right about the breaks thing when going for length. I’ve thought about it many times as well, there seems to be some common sense to it, even though I think that some of the biggest gainers around are the guys who are also the most relentless, hard workers.

I’m sure I’m not suggesting anything new, but perhaps instead of taking a month-long break, maybe you should take a week, then start hitting some different exercises than you’ve been using?

Now, I’m not so sure about the occasional long breaks when going for girth… which is what I’m focusing on now (even though I’m still gaining length more quickly… go figure). I can’t really put it into words, but I just have the feeling that girth gains are more dependant on keeping your dick in an expanded state as continually as possible. I started doing 2/day workouts recently with just that theory in mind. Every 12 hours… long before my dick has had time to lose all the “pump” from the previous workout.

>but I just have the feeling that girth gains are more dependant on keeping your dick in an expanded state as continually as possible.<

I agree. I finally gained some girth recently, and it was from staying expanded almost all the time. One session per day has not worked for me.

However, this isn’t anathema to taking scheduled breaks. I’m thinking maybe it’s best to PE as continuously as possible, at appropriate intensity for the amount of time, while “on.” Go until gains stop (or slow drastically) plus a little longer to help cement the progress, then completely rest again. I don’t necessarily agree with his theory of why rest helps, but here is another thread about breaks.

I’ve taken breaks lasting only a week or two and then resumed with a different routine. Seems 1-2 weeks isn’t long enough for the tissues to weaken, recover, or whatever occurs to reprime them for growth. 4 weeks helped. Not sure what the optimum rest period is, but I’ll try at least 6 weeks next time.

Well, when I first started PE in 2000 I saw gains after 10 days rest. But no right now…My experience seems to be similar to yours.

Sometimes I get really tired PEing. For instance, my dick has been feeling really tired during the last couple of days after 15 days of no rest at all…It is kind of dry and I don´t feel like having those huge erections…When this happens I have to rest whether I like or not…When the body talks you have to listen carefully.


Talking about girth…I feel it is quite hard to achieve…

Sometimes I have huge erections with 1/3 more than my actual girth and I get the feeling I´ve grown…but the next day the dick may not be that big if I am tired or if I am not feeling “the same”…But the length is always there…(maybe because I don´t really care about it…)

Sometimes I get the feeling that even though you don´t see or can´t meassure any progress at all, PEing lets you have bigger and bigger erections when you are in the right mood…At least that´s my experience. I think this because I saw very little increase in my flacid state, but my erect length has changed definitely.

I have to admit that my penis size depends 99% on my mood and feelings, on my brain after all…Sometimes when I am not ok I believe some of my size is lost…but then it´s back…It seems to me that the penis -at least mine- is the most changing part of the body.


I’m up to a month off from PE. I’ve only done two, 10min jelq sessions in the past month. I’m getting some really bad urges to do PE, and with my wrist feeling great, I have idle hands. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, with going to the gym more often. Hopefully I can make it another month and a half with no PE, then start the new year strong with PE.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Yguy, glad to hear your wrist is better. That was a speedy recovery. It’ll be interesting to see how your gains are after the rest.

Talk about rest periods: I’ve decided to take a break after seeing that girth gains are not coming, even though I’ve been doing extreme uli’s for 5 months now.

I stopped PEing 2 weeks ago, and to my surprise, after a few days off, I seem to be bigger now, my erections are thicker than ever and much easier to achieve. Basically it feels like I have either finally grown in the rest period of all times, or that because my dick is not as tired, the blood flow is better thus making it seem bigger.

I remember avocet8 said something about growing when he stopped PEing.

I’m thinking of staying off PE for another two weeks at least and then coming back strong. Actually, I’ve even considered the idea to do one month on, one month off.

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Ok here’s my rambles.. just random electron discharges from my brain.

When I hear about people regaining faster after rest periods, I can’t help but wonder if that is because the body replenishes the materials or “building blocks” needed to grow a bigger penis during the rest periods.

We balloon our dicks up and the walls get thinner and the cords (tunica) gets longer and thinner. Perhaps to the point that they start to get less elastic due to insufficient matter (making further gains difficult) and sensative to fatigue, thus a long rest period is needed to regroup. This theory would be in favor of hyperplasia.

The intensity of each persons’ workouts could determine if they would need a rest and their speed of recovery (determined by genetics, age) would make the actual rest period vary from person to person.

A person could actually PE endlessly without rest if they did not do it intensely enough, because their body is fighting the growth faster than they are fighting the body itself. This could be why some guys aren’t getting the gains. You could have an a Superman-type of body that is resilient to damage and would not be able to do PE. Not until you have forearms like Popeye the Sailor Man. Or some robodevice that can rip apart 3 phone books at once.

Our dicks have regeneration properties like a troll and we must whittle down it’s hitpoints before it will bow down to our will! It’s all about Damage over time VS. Regeneration! If you do enough damage without breaking your cock, you get free time off! woot. :p

P.S. I guess that makes “changing up routines after rest” a good idea because you are making use of untapped areas of your dick. This is just like a farmer changing fields each year, giving time for the soil to replenish its fertility.

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