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Break Update

Break Update

Did a full DLD-inspired length workout this evening, after an extended break, and my FSL was 1/8” longer than it ever measured. I’m hoping that I’ve experienced sufficient deconditioning to get some additional erect length gains (I remember reading that Bib would see FSL gains prior to getting the erect gain).

Here’s hoping….

- w a d

Good luck wadzilla! I am hoping that you get some great gains and maybe decide to change that freaky Jason avatar. :) BTW- is that sig of yours in Assembly or something? Or is it just some elusive cipher that I am not clever enough to comprehend? I distinctly remember .386 directive, (dunno about a .486) and some .model directives.
I am on the tail end of a month break myself, so I am hoping you are right about getting some good gains after a break.

I know this has been asked before but I am not sure if there is any conclusive answer. If you take say 1 month off of PE does your EL/EG measurements go down because the tissue reverts to a smaller size or does it get longer because your body can fully heal from all the tugging and squeezing? Or is it neither?

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