Books/courses to last longer??????

I have seen plenty of books and courses to last longer,in the sack.

I figure that ATLEAST 1 person has purchased a book/course like this, and was wondering what exercises, tips,workout ETC. they use.

For instance,I am sure every one of them mentions kegels and masturbating for long periods of time,but is there any other exercises?or what does the workout program look like?minutes,reps ETC?.

Anyone with some input on this matter?

Are there any programs you guys would recommend to this forum
(prefferebly a program or book that also has sexual techniques and such, at a reasonable price).

Also does anyone have any tips on lasting longer,NOT ALREADY MENTIONED in the topic”how to last longer”
(Search for premature ejaculation, and you will find the post I am reffering too).
Good luck and thanks in advance.