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Blind Date


Blind Date

I was watching Blind Date last night. I rarely watch this stupid shit, but last night I did. A tall blonde with big jugs (fake ones) went out with this OK looking dude. Finally, they ended up in a hot tub. He asked to see her jugs. She said OK, but he had to take off his shorts. She shucked the bikini top and he drooled over her stuffed mamaries. She asked him to take off his shorts. He did, and when she saw his little wang, she stood up and walked out saying “No use going any further with this”. In the post date interviews, she said that he was way to short in that department and she wasn’t going to waste her time. He said that because he didn’t have an erection, she blew him off. My wife looked at me with her mouth hanging open and said that she couldn’t believe that the woman behaved that way on TV. I said that this woman knew what she wanted, and she definitely didn’t want a small dick.

I don’t know if she was a size queen or not, but the fact that she bailed on the dude national TV because he had a small dick and even stated that his lack of size was the reason indicates that size matters for some women.

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To say that on a nation-wide TV show is just plain cruel. :down:

I’ve had a few women, when I’ve broken things off, tear down my cock. Now mind you this is the same dick that they were just blowing their cookies on, yelling and screaming the dirtiest things you can imagine. Before Thunders I had an average size dick, nice girth, never any complaints, but some women just gotta go for the jugular. But like SS says, on national TV!!! Yikes. You’ve got to feel for this guy.

I saw that last night. The dude was all confident till the end and was all over her trying to make out and passes and all. In the end she made him pee in his pants. Way to go CEO (she happened to be the CEO of soem investment firm)!! Now I bet the guy is on his way to Thunder’s place :D

Jeez, and I’m sure this guy told everyone he knew “hey, I’m gonna be on blind date make sure you tune in!”

I saw this episode months ago. They guy looked Asian. He was in pretty good shape but yes, when she saw him with his bathing suit pulled down to his knees, she bailed.

Funny how they put a small black dot on his dick… sort of implying its small size. Hahahaha! I remember laughing. Poor guy!

He said she couldn’t give him a hard on or something like that.. and she should get a better body.

She also said something about not settling for second best and that he was second best.

Proof that women like big dicks… and proof they might walk out on you if you’re small.

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I had a similar incident happen not so long ago, at a party, and pretty much all my friends were there when she blabbed her mouth off. THAT was bad enough but on TV? Come on now! Poor guy. I hope he wins the lottery and drives up to this girl in his new ferrari, and askes her if she wants a ride. So when she says yes, he says:

“HAHA you can’t come in here or have any of my millions! Your tits are too big. And your too fucking……BLONDE!! No use going any further with this”

*speeds off into distance while playing eye of the tiger at full blast*


Poor guy :(

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If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

At least he has one hell of a lot of PE motivation now.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

My jaw dropped reading that!! Damn! How could she do that.

I wish I saw that episode.

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That’s downright evil! Who would want a plastic blond anyway?

I had a gf who tried that but couldn’t complain about my cock but hit me with “you’re too short”. They gotta hit you with something and they will !

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Hahah.. I always watch that show. It surprises me how stupid some guys can act on first dates. It would seem that the confident gentleman often gets to choose weather there will actually be another date or not.

I’ve also seen the episode that you’re talking about. The guy shouldn’t feel bad at all. The girls boob job was really mangled so she wasn’t really one to talk. Still, although the guy seemed confident, his attitude was so 180 from what was going on in the hot tub, it was easy to see that he was very embarassed and trying to protect his ego. Any way you look at it, it sucks.

The problem with that situation is that there is really nothing you can do in retaliation (nothing legal, that is). You’re left out there, naked, holding your pride. How does one spot these women in the first place? Perhaps its not a good idea to take of your pants on the first date and on national television.


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Ouch .

Wow this shit works!


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