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Bib Hangers are back.


Yes, it was sent on Friday. If you gave a valid email address, you should have received the following notification:

Hanger sent Friday. 2-3 days Cont US. 4-7 days international as per USPS. However, some have taken as long as five weeks.

If you ordered Theraband, use sharp scissors or nippers to cut it into four, 1.5 inch strips. Usually, 15-18 inches is enough. There is a good thread on wrapping at the top of the hanger’s forum at Thunder’s Place, and a movie on wrapping in the tutorials section of Thunder’s.

The product guide is located on the Bib_Hanger website. Much good information and support can be found in the hanger’s section of Thunders.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to email or post on the forums. Also, please let me know how it works for you.

Thanks and get busy,


I do not have a lot of experience in sending hangers to Mexico, but there have been a few. The USPS website says 4-7 days, but that might be a little low.


Is there any way of ordering if I dont have a credit card?

I only have a debit card.


I think debit cards work through paypal. If not, then a money order.


Debit aka bank cards do work through Payapal. That is how I paid for half my crap off ebay.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Yep, same here, debit card no problem with PayPal. If yours doesn’t work, just ask your bank if there’s an upgrade (if not, that’s a strange bank and I would look elsewhere). My upgrade was an electronic (virtual card); total breeze to use online, it fills in all the data in the order form and the number only exists once (new purchase, you get a new number simply by logging in), so it’s damn safe to use.

Just ordered a hanger now with my debit card! Thanks Bib.

Do you think it will get sent out on moday? Can’t wait for it to arrive in the next few weeks!


I assume it was sent out yesterday, Friday. You can PM me with your name, and I will tell you for sure. But then, you should have received a notification email.


Thanks Bib this is an excellent homemade product. Too bad Howard Stern is leaving the air waves otherwise I would suggest marketing it thru his show. I have taken to putting a cushiony makeup sponge from the local drugstore on top of the shaft and between the grips as added comfort and I would recommend to people in addition to the great sponge you have built in there. I hope to hang with higher weight this way eventually but am in no rush. JelkyWad p.s. I am assuming that the way to avoid ‘blue-head’ is to set device farther back up the shaft say mid way or so? This avoids it slipping down and clamping right behind the glans? I’ll continue to experiment. It has definitely already stretched my member out so I get a better hang flaccid and I have only been using it an hour at most on average a day for two weeks just trying to get the ‘hang’ of it. I am trying to stretch some remaining scar tissue from a surgery i had a long time ago and I beleive this is doing the trick. I am only at 3 lbs but its a great stretch from there so I imagine working up to 7 or 8 lbs should really create stretch. But thats in the future. The tortoise wins the race. Thanks buddy, JelkyWad


Please don’t tell Howard about it. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my regular career, and the hangers I send out. I will never advertise (myself), and I always suggest that guys build their own hangers if possible. It takes a lot of time to build a hanger, and get it right, for each individual, but the time is worth it.

But I am really glad you like the hanger.

The “blue head” thing is a matter of blood flow, which usually depends on how tight the wrap is. If you are not getting blood flow with three lbs, make sure the wrap is loose enough, and the hanger is adjusted properly. The hanger should be attached at least one inch behind the head.


Bib hanger arrived

Today I got my hanger, after 19 days. Not too bad considering I live in Mexico City. Anyway, thanks Bib, I will start hanging tomorrow. Let’s see if I can get those last 2 inches and reach 12”. But first I have to catch up the reading on the hanger. Wish me luck and thanks once more.


Good luck with the Bib hanger! I’m very pleased with mine, and I’m already gaining after logging just 4 1/2 hours of low weight BTC!

On another note,
I hope you don’t mind my question, but are you absolutely certain that you want 12”? Some guys seem to be whishing for that sort of length, and I’m curious to hear your motives.
I’m going for 9”, and I’ll see when those days come around if I want any more length before shifting into girth routines and length maintainance. I’m never saying never to 10”, but I will eat all the hats of Thunder’s Place if I ever sport 12” :cancer: But hey, that’s me and nobody else…
I’ve only heard of real sizequeens who can accomodate 12” or more. How that happens, I admittedly have trouble even imagining.

May you achieve what you’re whishing for. This hanger could very well be your ticket.


It all has to do with perception. I started of at 8.25”x4.75”. A little on the skinny side but fairly long. Nonetheless, to me it did not seem that big. As your dick grows, so does your expectations. Hence, at 10”x6” I still do not see the big difference. I do not know if I will be satisfied at 12”x7+” but I will sure give it a try.


Wow, Priapos do you have a pic of that monster?

should be mr 7 inch updated girth 4 7/8 7.25 BPEL 4.75 girth Penis to Height Ratio: 1:8.96

5 1/8 girth 9/21/11


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