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BC Flutter and Hard Erections

BC Flutter and Hard Erections

I have noticed that during high angle stretches (especially during the beginning of PE or after a long break) there are times that my BC muscle flutters under the tension. For me, this is a very strong PI, at least in terms of erection strength and morning wood. This phenomenon tends to decrease as time goes on…but now that I am back after about 15 months off, this is happening again. Anyone else experience this phenomenon, have any ideas as to why this increases erection strength, or how to make it happen more often.

Sometimes I can go three sessions or more without it happening, then all of a sudden it will occur again. I am always worried I have reached the breaking point and that it will not happen anymore until deconditioning is achieved. I never flex this muscle while working out.

Forgot to mention better all-day flaccid as well.

If you aren’t doing kegels then the muscle probably isn’t being exercised very often. Manual stretches will put a lot of tension on the BC muscle in the opposite direction to its normal contraction. This sets up some kind of rebound stimulation which causes the muscle to contract erratically. I experienced a similar thing when I was a newbie and had never done kegels or pulled hard on my dick.

I’ve not heard of it being a regular thing with anyone during their PE workouts and can’t say if it actually means anything good or bad will come of the exercises. If you’ve had good things happen when the fluttering occurs, then it’s a good thing for you. I wouldn’t look at the disappearance of the flutter as a negative because it would simply seem to mean that the muscle is getting used to being pulled on and isn’t reacting to that stimulation as it does after a break.


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