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Back to newbie after 2 years

Back to newbie after 2 years

I have been on and off for 2 years with PE. I gained a little from BTC hanging and manual stretching.

I am just starting back up again, I haven’t done anything since May. DO you think I should try to get some newbie results (use newbie routine) or is my penis too conditioned for that by now?

I’d love to do BTC hanging with light weight, but I think I may have outdone my welcome with lig gains. My exit point is noticebly very low, you can actually see an indent from where it use to come out.

Any thoughts?

Well I just did 20 mins of jelqing, and 10 minutes of stretching and it felt pretty good.

I guess I’ll just go from there since I haven’t got any other opinions

That’s a fine routine. My gains all came from basic jelqing and stretching consistently over the course of several months. Once I plateaued I tried hanging, and that brought me nothing except scares of doing permenant damage.

Oh and when I re-start my PE routine after T-taping is finished… I’m going to begin with just that- a newbie routine :)

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You could try the modified newbie routine the tiger, to ensure that you start out light. Just click the link in my signature.

I’d treat it like a deconditioning break and build your new routine accordingly. I never really did the newbie routine (I want straight from a Penimaster to a Bib-hanger), so I’m not sure if the newbie routine is a good follow-up to a deconditioning break, but I imagine you should be able to find out easily enough.

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