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Awards at Thunders?


Woody Woodpecker

I rest my case.

Look honey! Thunder’s gave me a woodie!


It would be nice to have such awards, and the serious categories i.e. inventions and gains would be good, but as others have said, they’d be hard to prove. You could almost have a “Senior Mock Election” component to it, with silly categories which I think would make it more enjoyable for all. Would the winners of each award have a special tag put near their member tag if they won, as well as a tongue-in-cheek shirt? But now that I think about it, would having tags like that run the risk of compromising the integrity of the forum? Would new visitors think it was frivolous, a bunch of guys just goofing around? I have no clue, so you could give me the “Most Befuddled Member” award.

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"


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